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Interview Questions


1. Tell us something about your company and your role in it.

Dot Com Infoway is an IT company that delivers mobile and software solutions. By this, we mean that we offer a broad range of digital services, which include mobile and enterprise app development, app marketing, digital marketing, and web development, to cite a few.

As CEO of the company, I do my best to lead and inspire the dedicated team of professionals who are working tirelessly to fulfill its goals and vision. As is befitting of my role, I also actively look for opportunities to ensure its growth by making sure it has steady cash flow, fostering team-building, and attracting investors.

2. DCI has now become a known brand, so how has it been your journey till now?

Much like most tech startups in the past, we have had our ups and downs. There were times when there were challenges that seemed to be very difficult to overcome, but we are glad that we have been able to find a way around them. Turn the tables and convert them into opportunities. We would not have made it this far without those well-thought-out and reflexive decisions, now that I think about.

Of course, the more the company grew, the more I was filled with immense gratification. I’m more than willing to bet that everyone working for the company, especially the ones who’ve been around for years, echo the same sentiment.

3. What kind of challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

The most challenging hurdle, especially when we were starting, was winning the trust of customers. During that time, most people were still wary of the Internet, and most businesses were quick to dismiss what we have to offer. Even as the rise of mobile apps was ushered in, we still had to contend with competition, so half of the challenge lies in making our products and services stand out.

Furthermore, with our staff still low in numbers, accompanied by limited funds, it restricted the number of clients we were able to take in at a given time. Looking back now, I’m glad I was able to effectively manage these common startup challenges by reinvesting most of our resources on growth and developing our core team.

4. Do you think starting your business is a cakewalk? If not, what key points should be kept in mind?

 It’s not a cakewalk. You have to be proactive in finding out ways to ensure your company’s expansion, after all. Any tech company that becomes stagnant is bound to encounter a lot of problems in the long run that could threaten its continued operation.

I guess it helped that I had an innate interest in technology. I love looking for innovations that will deliver unprecedented positive results, boost productivity, and make management more effortless. I also love to travel.

In the end, you have to continually look for opportunities where your enterprise can expand to ensure a sound financial foundation. This takes focus, a steadfast will, agile thinking, and perseverance.

5. What are the key domains that you have served so far?

I started my first venture CRV Infotech and then founded Dot Com Infoway in 2000. During that time I also founded Galatta Media and Magzter

6. Can you tell us about some of the critical services provided by your organization?

DCI primarily provides world-renowned mobile app development (both for iOS and Android) and app marketing services. These are two of the fields we have poured most of our efforts in mastering. Of course, under this umbrella falls UI/UX design and web development, which are themselves separate services that we also offer.

Our web solutions alone already encompass services that harness the latest technologies like Blockchain, ICO marketing, and Wallet Integration.

Another arguably critical service that we render is educational solutions. We think education should always be prioritized by most countries and institutions worldwide, after all. And, for this, we have developed our school management software titled EduKool.

7. What’s your take on the increasing demand for app development companies?

Of course, it is something that I regard not without a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Our team loves crafting apps and seeing our work fully function to fulfill the needs of our clients. We are fortunate to be working in an industry where there is a continuously rising demand for what we have to offer and, more importantly, specialize in.

Considering the sheer malleability and versatility of mobile apps, especially when fulfilling micro and macro processes, it is safe to say that the demand will only be steadily increasing in the future. A lot of mobile app development companies should undoubtedly seize this opportunity and start looking for ways to stand out.

8. It must be something that makes your company different; we would like to know more about it!

We’re ready to respond to the rising demand for mobile app development services. We are proud to say that we use the latest technologies and make sure that the final app produced will be as contemporary as possible, not only in design but overall functionality.

Another aspect that makes us unique is that we have established a reputation as a one-stop, off-shore solution for app owners. We always stay connected with our clients before, during, and after app development and even give ready expert advice for marketing it. We are focused on delivering results for our clients, and we can confidently say that they love working with us because of it.

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9. What app development process your team follows for better and quick results?

Our development process is well-structured, and we often follow two lifecycle models, namely the Waterfall Model and the Agile Model. All our projects that fall under the former undergo various phases of progress, namely the Design Phase, Construction Phase, Testing Phase, and Operations and Maintenance Phases.

The latter, on the other hand, is a more light-weight approach to development that is focused on satisfying the customer from the get-go by delivering results regularly and without delay; it is as fluid as it is efficient. More often than not, we shift between these two models to ensure a faster turnaround time that does not sacrifice quality.

Incidentally, we have also developed our project management tool that our team is already very familiar with. It allows us to maintain communication, boost productivity, and deliver timely results every time.

10. Enlighten us about your future plans. We want to know about the technologies you are going to opt for.

Much like most IT companies operating worldwide, we are excited to start utilizing technologies that head the current development trends. AI is, of course, one of the leading technologies nowadays, so we are going to be introducing our twists to our apps with its help.

We have also already dabbled (and continue to do so) in Blockchain and IoT before, and we’re going to be using them more in the future. Even now, we can already see how these technologies are transforming the mobile app development industry and process. And along with the challenges come the opportunities, so, inevitably, it’s still a wave we’re more than willing to ride.

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