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Well, who doesn’t want to shop? Especially when we have an all-in-one online shopping app! Gone are the days when we had to choose between the best online shopping apps for searching every product, now in this era of e-Commerce, with just a tap on our Smartphones, every little thing is possible.

Whether it is apparel, accessories, or electronics, we all have anything and everything in one shopping app.

Shopping still makes its way to consumers, starting from traditional markets to retail retailers and then to our Smartphones in the form of online shopping apps.

With an unrivaled range of clothing and accessories from top-leading designers, by introducing the mobile app, all in one shopping app experience has made it accessible for consumers.

Features Of All In One Shopping App:

1. Social media integration:

For a very long time now e-Commerce and social media have been aligned. And when we, the leading mobile app development company in the marketplace, talk regarding the social media integration, we don’t mean about just from the one-tap login perspective.

We talk about taking social media in all your marketing processes, thereby allowing customers to promote their purchase and share the referral coupons and discounts with their network so that they can enter an extended network and ultimately in the entire social media domain.

2. Multiple Payment options:

Similar pricing options come from specific consumers. Although it’s tempting to have just one debit/credit card option, it’s important to integrate several payment gateways and provide a variety of different payment choices for the consumers, so they feel extra motivated to make a buying decision.

So, except for debit and credit card payment options, if your goal is to do all in one shopping, you can sell some Cash on Delivery, and PayPal, etc.

3. Push Notification:

As your shopping app, developers would have told you, push notifications could be your only way to keep the users hooked on to your marketplace app. The power that approaches with reminding users of what they are missing by applying the right push notification strategies when timed correctly can help define the success of your application. So, investing in a proper push notification system that would prevent users from abandoning your app.

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Benefits Of All In One Shopping App:

1. Convenience:

The biggest perk is ease. Where else would you shop safely and easily in your pyjamas at midnight? With no lines to wait in or track down cashiers to help you make your purchases, online shopping helps you your shopping in minutes. Online shops allow us to shop around the clock, and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience.

There is no better way to purchase digital items such as e-books, which are automatically available to you as soon as the order is made. Downloadable items bought online often remove the need for physical products of some kind, which benefits the climate!

2. Great value for money:

Cheap deals and better prices are available online because products come directly to you from the manufacturer or seller without intermediaries being involved. Plus, comparing prices is easier, and the chances of finding a better deal are more.

Many websites often offer discount vouchers and rebates. Prices are not only better, but you can also save on tax because online shops are only required to collect a sales tax if they have a physical location in your state. Saved petrol, parking costs and time are some of the other important factors.

3. More Variety:

The online choices are breathtaking. You will find just about every brand or object that you’re searching for. Without wasting time on the airfare, you will get it on the latest world developments. In other areas of the state, region, or even nation, you can buy from retailers, instead of being restricted to your geography.

There’s a far greater choice of colors and sizes at your disposal than you’ll find locally. Besides, the stock is much more plentiful, and you can find your size and color all the time. Some online shops even accept orders for items that are out of stock and ship when they arrive.


Apps are a powerful touchpoint that can improve the overall shopping experience and increase the retention of customers. With a lot of advantages and rewards, these days more and more people choose to buy items online instead of the traditional way of walking into shops.

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