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InstaGame is about getting to know who we are by what we’re doing. It’s a game that tests us in our viewpoint to find the objective universe – our social streams. The game is simplistic. You choose a card from the deck in teams of minimum two and then have a minute to try to get the guesser to guess the word you’ve selected by using pictures from your social feed——your specific self-presentation. After a minute, teams try to gain as many points as possible and play until a team hits 20. Below are the descriptions.

InstaGame allows you to post content in the form of stories and blogs, and get free rewards to create a great profile with millions of followers. It combines the best features of role-playing games and games on social media into just one enjoyable game.


Build a profile, and select your avatar. You are set to start posting now. Click on the job rewards and free rewards on your home page, and start posting content to your profile. You can take pictures of your character, or different memes and videos.


The more you share, the more you’ll get likes and followers. The more followers and likes you get, the more coins you earn. The coins grant you the opportunity to buy goods or posts. Your posting incentives are in cash, premium coinage, and followers.


The time you add a story or post to your profile, you’ll be allowed to dress in an amazing range of accessories and wardrobes. Create your style and picture to become the most famous and the most loved one. There’s a beautiful range of glasses, hairstyles, accessories, tops, shirts and so on in our social media game.


Explore our premium purchases, get a checking account, check uploads or buy premium coins.


Tools needed:

  • Each player needs an Instagram Account/ Facebook Account/ Camera Roll
  • A smartphone or iPad for each player.
  • Deck of InstaGame Cards


All Ages You need two teams of between 2-5 people.

InstagameVarious Color Cards have different point values:

Orange Cards are 1 point; Red Cards are 2 points where each Card has a word on it.

  1. The guesser is identified as one person on the team.
  2. The others select one of their defined point stacks without showing the guesser the coin.
  3. The rest of the team scrolls through their Instagram account, camera roll or Facebook page and shows pictures that get the guesser to say the same word. No-one behaves.
  4. Teammates can pick up another card and repeat when the guesser says the word.
  5. Teammates are also given the option of discarding the card and picking up another at any time. We lose half a point if they do so.
  6. The team has a minimum of 1 minute to get the maximum points. Next team to win 20 points.


Download Links:

Google Play Store

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