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NTalk is India’s first one-touch conference Calling app. Within a single touch, nTalk the world’s best & only multi-party conference app that connects you with your family, friends, and colleagues. No more waits to start your conference calls, just mobile is everything you need. By selecting the contacts it is easy to create a group from the nTalk app.

What makes NTalk unique?

Experience the all-new multi-party conferencing app and enjoy its world-class functionality and most importantly, start all your conference calls at the time you need.

1. One-Touch Conference Call

It takes less than a minute to build up and start talking to your conference group

2. Highly Scalable

You can log on to 1500 contacts in a single click

3. User Friendly UI

Our easy user interface allows you to do conference calls quickly.

4. Dial-in Conference

Any care about the inadequate quality of the network. Your calls are connected to our conference.

5. Call Analytics

Get a detailed analysis of your teleconference

6. 24/7 Assistance

Our devoted customer service managers will assist you.

7. Not Internet Required

Only you need the internet as the initiator to initiate the call and the participants only have to answer the call.

8. Mobile & Landline Works

nTalk app has low call drops, echoes, and external disturbances. Our calls are crystal clear.


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What did our customers say about us?

  • “ This is very useful in this lockdown period to communicate our Church members “

John Joshua

  • “ It is good and working without interruption. Reception hospitality is good “

Venkateshwerrao Deshpande

  • “ Good service and support. Thank you all the team. Very Good app for conference calls“

Ravi Theja

  • “ I have been using this app for a week now after adding 40 members. I am satisfied. I

recommend it “

Gyan Jain

  • “ Thanks, the team behind nTalk. Very useful app. I can easily do a group conference call “

Maya B

  • “Awesome application. I can call my friends easily. Easy to make conference calls.Good

User interface”


  • “ Excellent connecting the people in one call “


Ntalk App Video Tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the recipients need the nTalk app to get the call connected?

No. Only you as the initiator need the app & milliseconds of the Internet to initiate the call.

2. How to make a quick conference call?

To make a quick conference call, select multiple contacts from nTalk, and initiate your call. It’s so

simple! After the call, you can make these members into a group for quick access.

3. How to create a new group?

To make a group, click + button > select members from your contact list. Now you can give a

group name. Your group is ready! With a single touch, you can call the group

4. How many groups can I create?

You can create any number of groups based on the plan limit

5. Can I add a new member or remove a member from the group?

Yes. Go to My groups > click ( i ) button of a group and then you can remove or add a

new member.

6. How to check the live status of members connected to the call?

During a conference call, you can know the live status of members who have joined the

call. Minimize the dailing screen and open nTalk app, you can see the live status

You can also go to nTalk app > Recent tab & click (i) button of the group and can see the

live status

7. How to get back a member to the call who got disconnected during the call?

nTalk system will auto redial for those members who are not connected within 50 seconds

8. What is the validity of the plan?

Every plan comes with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 1-year validity.

9. How to buy a plan?

Open nTalk app > Click Purchase & then you can buy a plan

You can also buy from My profile > Upgrade & then you can buy a plan

10. After payment how long it will take to activate a plan?

Plan gets activated instantly after payment. If any there is any technical issue, we are

here to help you.

11. What about a refund for failed payment?

Bank will credit your refund amount within 7 working days

12. Pricing

Pay fair. Pay only for what you use. We have simple, honest and affordable pricing models

Call up to 7 People at a time plan starts from Rs 245 / month

Call up to 10 People at a time plan starts from Rs 350 / month

Call up to 15 People at a time plan starts from Rs 525 / month

Call up to 25 People at a time plan starts from Rs 875 / month

13. Do you wish to call up to 100 people or unlimited plans? We will help to fulfill your


Standard FUP 1200 Minutes / Month

Download the nTalk App and enjoy The SMART way of communication.

For any support please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you

Email: [email protected]

Mobile : +91 98952 77200

Visit Website- ntalk

Download Now!

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