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TiviApp live is an android-based platform, which allows users to watch free TV content via a classic interface and once it installed it can also renovate your device into an influential Live TV media center, where you can enjoy the same experience of watching TV that you enjoy in your living room. It is a new free IPTV service that steppes in to fill the void left by traditional television. The app focuses on traditional UI, which reminds the familiar interface of TV providers, which does not require too many configurations.

TiviAppLive advantage

The main advantage of TiviApp is the ability to add content from any playable source simultaneously, so you are not bound to a single content provider as you do in other apps and TV services. With full EPG and MP3 support, recording abilities, favorites, sharing and HTML content, the TiviApp is one of the best platforms of this kind. It is free to use and download and does not require registration at this time. It is a full-featured platform for content providers and third-party extensions and in this app, you are not limited to any specific IPTV service.

TiviApp App Review details
Features of  TiviAppLive:

The app offers many complementary features to enrich the viewing experience. In this app, you can create and load your own personal list of TV channels and you can also navigate, play, and control those channels with the built-in easy-to-use control panel. Other than this to have a full experience of the set-top box you can also use your own remote control. It also allows you to record your favorite TV programs by taking live broadcast from online streaming or either by scheduling a delayed recording, so you can enjoy your favorite TV program whenever you want. From this app, you can also select a TV guide to be displayed for your selected channels that are familiar to your local time and language.

TiviApp Live Playstore screen


You can also share your favorite channels or channel lists with your friends with a single click. If the content provider permits than TiviApp can also support Catch-up of all favorite shows that users missed and through this app, you can enjoy the complete cinema experience. Other than these features it also offers free TV channels, play/pause, information about a show, full screen, preview mode, favorites, adding external playable URLs, adding external channels from a file, live TV, VOD category, search channel, refresh, adding TV providers which require username/password.

Technical Features

TiviAppLive Technical Features

The TiviApp Live supports the most popular video and audio formats in all resolutions (including HD and 4K), and it also supports the most popular web-streaming formats (*.m3u8, *.ts, *.mpd). In this app, one of the most important technical features is that the Channel-lists can be provided in M3U format, and TV Guides can be provided in XMLTV format. It also allows the auto-detection of playable streams in web pages. It works on mobile phones, tablets, and of course in Android smart TVs. It also supports Xtream-API providers.

How it is helping?

TiviApp Live IPTV experience

It’s difficult to find good quality free TV content. And when you do- it’s usually unorganized and lacks a complementary app that is designed for long-term watching and features such as recording, TV guide, pause/play, etc. TiviApp has uploaded to Google Play nearly a year ago. It holds multiple TV channels from free sources, which are already in-built. Some of them come from the web, and some they collected and created by themselves. It also can add several playlists from different providers and has all the compatible needed features. In this, you are free to choose your own content from various sources around the globe. It also provides a well-ordered platform to manage the channels that are appropriate for users in their own language.

Soon, a new feature is planned to be launched- generated channels. What it basically means that the app will not only contain broadcasted channels that are already lined-up and filled with content, but it will also include channels that are generated from free online content. The channels will be divided into many genres such as comedy, cinema, documentary, music, and more. They will include musical interludes, behind the scenes shots and music videos to make them feel like a real TV channel. It also provides opportunities to the users to create channels of their own and share them with others.

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