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Many of us are annoyed to watch the long, insightful YouTube videos, above all, when you look at the Ted Talks for 20 minutes. No offense, but we prefer to miss the boring video and scan the ones for now. There is the potential to lose the most vital information in this manner. And others enjoy viewing YouTube videos to blogging.

After a tedious hunt, an application came across which we could miss watching long YouTube videos and have a 3-minute reading in it and couldn’t resist testing it as an app reviewer. The app is named “Skippy.”

Since Skippy is free for the end-user, the business model of the app would perhaps embrace a feature of B2B, where it will direct traffic to their content development partners. For more input on their backstory, YourStory reached out to the Skippy team but was incapable of getting a response until the time this story was available.

Features OF Skippy App:

  •      Tech & Sci
  •      Inspiration
  •      Social Studies
  •      Art and Culture

How does Skippy work?

On first signing into Skippy, users will be taken to a short overview of how the software operates. The main takeaway, though, is that by ‘skipping’ or ‘thumbing’ through the video, users can keep time getting a general idea or skip the parts they previously feel they know about. The interface of Skippy is pretty clear too. This registers content in various categories and keeps track of content already watched by people.

The first half of the panel has a slider based on several interesting topics, from Creativity to Profitability to Relationships. Skippy also includes a search bar in the top right corner that allocates users to access trending search expressions as well as search for specific keywords and category-wide access results. Skippy splits it down into smaller chunks after a user has selected a video they want to learn more about, so they can easily tap and read over.

They will swipe up to learn all about the video makers and watch the video with captions in real-time. Skippy app writes. Although the latest playlists are not very comprehensive, Skippy continues to add new videos regularly though there is enough material to keep users entertained for several days.

Overall, while Skippy might not be able to entirely replicate the advantages of viewing a video lecture in real-time, it offers a taste of the experience to novice users and may also act as a decent reference resource for those who don’t want to watch a whole lecture again. This reduces the time taken to access video content for those who are used to reading.

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What they Aggregate?

Skippy mainly explores videos from:

  •      TED
  •      TED-ed
  •      Crash Course
  •      Khan Academy
  •      Vox
  •      Kurzgesakt
  •      And the like

The app can be downloaded for free and promises to provide more insightful videos in a series and more than 1M+ installs. Skippy platform runs on a sales model, which also suggests a B2B path as it brings more traffic to the partners in the content production.



With the assistance of new technologies, many Ed-tech tools are available in the market, benefiting numerous age groups in diverse categories. They help us get equal access to education, something that reaches beyond classrooms.

Download Skippy App Now!

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