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ColorSkill app review by MobileappdiaryAs we all know that, today we all are living in a busy world which is full of hustle where everyone wants some rest, fun, and adventure to feel fresh after work. Now it is not possible for us to go outside and play games on the ground, but the growing trend of the smartphone has made people more inclined towards playing games on a smartphone. There are various types of games available in the play store, but the one which attracts us more is Action games as they required proper hand-eye coordination and reaction time with having various challenges to win the game. That is why action games are always on top of the gaming category because these games require a lot of thinking and concentration. One of the Action games from the play store is getting too much attention from users named Color Skill- Fast Action Game.

About Color Skill Game:

If you like the color as well as also like action and love games which requires huge concentration and your finger is ready to tap on the screen. Then this game is for you. If you are quick in selecting the colors then test your tapping skill by selecting a color on time. The Color Skill Game allows you to Switch color by immediately choosing the color. This game requires high concentration with great tapping skills. So, play Color Skill Game for fast action and to test your concentration level.

How to Play This Game?

About ColorSkill Game in GooglePlaystore
The concept of playing the Color Skill game is very simple. You simply have to switch the color of the ball with the help of the things around it. In this game, there is a ball and you have to change the color of the ball. So, to change the color of the game, you simply have to tap on the things around the ball and it requires high speed and concentration to change the color. It really sounds so simple, so you have to try it and enjoy the action. The game also consists of five different modes that mean in one game you can enjoy 5 different games. Just play the game and win all different modes to enjoy the full-packed action.

5 Different Modes Of The Game:

The Color skill game consists of 5 different modes, so you can enjoy different types of games in a single game. The 5 different modes of the game are;

Switch: In this mode, you have to change the color of the emoji with respect to the circle to go through this circle. If you can’t able to do this then restart again.
Pendulum: In this mode, you need to require high concentration as you have to click on the color once the indicator indicates at a similar color as itself.
Complex: In this mode, you simply have to change the similar color according to the color of the ball to keep the ball in the air. So, you only need to switch the color according to the color of the ball to keep the ball in the air.
Tumble: In this mode, there is a trampoline and the ball bounce on it, but the important thing is that the ball only bounces when the ball is having the same color as the color of the trampoline else the ball will not bounce and you failed. So, make sure that the color of both the trampoline and the ball will be the same.
Balance: In this mode, you have to move the paddle and hit that ball with the help of paddle, but make sure the portion of the paddle through which you hit the ball will be the same as the color of the ball.

There is also an additional feature in the Color skill game as it allows you to challenge your friend to play with you in the leaderboards. So, through this, you can judge that who is the most alert and who has the best coordination of hand-to-eye. In this challenge, if you beat your friend and score more than your friend than you get various achievements from the game.

Tech Stack:

TechStack ColorSkill Game


Color Skill is a great action game with a nice app concept. After playing this game a few times, you become addictive to it and the game required a good combination between hand and brain. This game is best to fresh your mind after a busy schedule. So, it is concluded that the Color Skill game is the best action game and should try to enjoy all the features of the game.

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