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StepsApp Pedometer Review by Mobileappdiary

Did you ever think about counting your steps? Walking is the simplest form of exercise, so why not set every day steps goal and get fitter and more healthy?

It is as simple as that. You only need your phone or a smart device and StepsApp.

With over 2+ million active users and more than 20 supported languages, StepsApp is one of the leading step counters worldwide. At the core of StepsApp is our love for amazing design and user experience, which got us featured many times on the App Store and by the international press.

No matter where you are, StepsApp counts your steps automatically. With your iPhone or Android phone always in your pocket, step counting has never been easier. And because StepsApp seamlessly works with Apple Health and Google Fit, you can also track your steps with many of your other favorite wearables, and analyze your activity with beautiful charts and stunning animations.

Downloading and Update to StepsApp Pro:

StepsApp is available on Apple Store and Play Store. StepsApp uses your iPhone’s built-in pedometer (it’s actually a fully featured motion sensor) to count your daily steps. If you have an iPhone 5s or newer, StepsApp will work perfectly on your device. Also, most Android devices with motion sensors and even accelerometers are supported. And the most important functions of StepsApp are free: tracking + analyzing steps, counting calories & tracking distance. The Pro Version is a simple one-time purchase – cheaper than a typical cup of coffee and offers powerful tools for your activities. Just download StepsApp form your store and start counting your steps.

Features of StepsApp:

StepsApp is more than counting steps. Analyze your activity data with the revolutionary month and year view – easily spot your most active days and identify activity patterns. Track your steps independently from your iPhone. Once your watch is nearby your phone, StepsApp intelligently merges the tracked steps. Synchronize and import your activity data via Apple Health & Google Fit, and update active calories and body measurements.

Main Features of StepsApp:

Stepsapp Includes

• Automatic step counting
• Stunning charts and animations
• Apple Health integration
• Apple Watch support
• Workouts with GPS tracking
• Active calories
• Powerful month and year view
• Trends
• Six beautiful colors – also change the app icon
• iMessage app
• Today widget
• More Daily goals & Notifications
• Social media sharing
• Wheelchair support
• Export data
• No extra hardware required

Specials of StepsApp:

Start your workout with your Apple Watch and analyze your activities on your iPhone. Spice up your charts with 6 beautiful, hand-crafted colors. StepsApp is built to be accessible so that you can get accurate activity tracking; however, you move even for wheelchairs. With today’s widget, we re-thought and re-built our widget from the ground up to provide you with the best possible overview of today’s activity.

Additional Information:

StepsApp Pedometer Details by Mobileappdiary

Your Activity at a Glance:

If you are an active person, StepsApp is perfect for you to keep an eye on your activities. Set your goals and count your steps. StepsApp offers a quick overview of your daily steps, distance, time, floors climbed, and active calories. Compare on weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. See your annual steps and get notifications of inactivity or when you reached your goal. Get your weekly report of your steps and set your new goals.

StepsApp is More:

Within the new year, StepsApp is getting more. Star workouts with your Apple Watch and analyze them on your iPhone. Within this features StepsApp is getting more and more your personal fitness tracker for all kinds of sports. And you can enjoy the advantage of a simple, beautiful and set analysis in the app.

Just put your phone in your pocket, and off you go!

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