Saturday, February 4, 2023
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A Lifesaving Update, Indeed!

A while ago when Apple declared iOS 13 at the last Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), presumably no Apple user had anticipated such a significant number of bugs and issues to crawl into their mobile phones. Apple has been delivered various features it had guaranteed with iOS 13.2 which was rolling out on October 30.

But, to resolve the issues that users are confronting, Apple has issued iOS 13.3 to the individuals who have registered for beta testing. Supposedly, iOS 13.3 has fixed many bugs, including the one which is being named as the most ‘irritating’ issue.

Goodbye to Data Loss

Lots of users have been raised issues with iOS 13 because the applications were evidently refreshing on their own that lead to users losing their data. iPhones were refreshing the applications automatically which were recently accessed, an issue which users didn’t look with the past iOS versions.

“I was viewing a video on YouTube [sic] on my iPhone 11 Pro, and then I stop the video to react to a text message. I was in iMessage for a very short amount of time. At the point when I came back to YouTube, it reloaded the application and I lost the video that I was viewing,” expressed one of the forum members known as Rogifan.

After the release of iOS 13.3, one of the beta testers came on Twitter to share that Apple had allegedly fixed the issue. He said that he had 32 applications open on his iPhone 11 Pro Max and none of them refreshed.


Apple has Been Released iOS 13.3 Beta 1

A Child Lock Which Works Great!

iOS 13.3 accompanies a new feature known as ‘Communication Limits’. The iPhone will presently have an application called Screen Time that enables users to restrain messaging, calling and FaceTime for their kids.

Moreover, parents can also limit the utilization time for various applications on the phone i.e. Phone app, FaceTime, and Messages.
Formerly, Screen Time cannot block particular contacts yet it has been fixed at this time. More than that, Parents can set the limits on call duration relying upon whom their kids are talking to.

Use Memojis/Animojis When Needed

IOS 13.3 also comes alongside a new minor update. It helps users to manage when they wish to see Memojis or Animojis.
(In Settings > General > Keyboard, here, you can now disable Animoji and Memoji Stickers right from being displayed on the emoji keyboard.)

For the unenlightened, Animojis are 3D, animated emojis which can change commonplace emojis to the animated messages. Memojis, then again, are customized Animojis, similar to Snapchat’s Bitomji, that look precisely like the user.

How You Will Get IOS 13.3?

To get IOS 13.3, you have to visit and then register for the beta. After that, go to the Settings > General > Profile to choose your beta profile.

Once you have completed this step, you can download beta updates without any hassle: just you need to open your phone’s Settings > General > Software Update.

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