Thursday, June 1, 2023
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With every latest update in Apple, there is a hope of new advancements in technology. The reason behind it is that every update in Apple is beyond the user’s thinking. Recently, Apple releases its latest iOS update 13.3.1, and the important thing about this latest update is that it contains two important fixes. The first one that it resolved is it removes a Communication Limits workaround through which the newer users of the iPhone can add contacts without entering a Screen Time passcode for the first time. This update of the Apple comes as a relief to the parents of the user.

Another important solution that this update provides is only for the iPhone 11, 11Pro, and 11 Pro Max in which you find a new toggle that helps in disabling a location tracking with the help of U1 Ultra-Wideband chip. In the last month, there is a Controversy occur with Apple when Brian Krebs a security expert, realized that the latest phones of Apple were demanding location statistics even when users had restricted such tracking in Apple’s setting mode.

Apples news iOS Fix Location Tracking Bug

In a recent interview, Apple said that the iPhone 11’s latest U1 chip- and international necessities that exclude ultra-wideband skill from being used in convinced locations- were to respond, it also adds that the location statistics was only kept in the device and this data is not composed by the company. But now there is no such issue because now the users of the iPhone now have the best method to control the usage of location services with the help of U1 Ultra-Wideband chip as this is disclosed in the latest iOS 13.3.1 update.

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The latest iPhone and iPad update as the latest update in iPad OS 13.3.1 are also released today in the market. This latest ios update for both contains a various number of fixes for the mail app also. It gets cleared of a bug that possibly permits distant pictures to load in emails even once the option was disabled. It also addresses one another issue which caused several undo discourses to appear in mail. This update also brings out some fixes for FaceTime, the app for photos in which there is no more postponement while editing deep fusion images, CarPlay, and also a bug which can avoid push notifications from being distributed over Wi-Fi. For the owners of HomePod, now Indian English has also been added as the latest option for Siri’s voice. There are also various other minor software updates that are released recently for macOS, watchOS, and also for tvOS.

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