Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Apple always surprised its users with its new updates, which makes it easier for users to rely on Apple’s product for better and updated services. Recently, Apple comes with its latest update which comes with a proper mobile website and available for both iOS and Android platforms. With its latest update, the company also added that it helps users in easily accessing the services of Apple like Reminders, Notes, Photos, and also helps in finding my iPhone on a mobile phone from a web browser.

Before this update, the website was available to access mobile browsers but for that, you have to request the full desktop site. But the latest update helps in solving the issue. The new UI in which is almost similar to app-based UI that we regularly use for the services on iOS helps in making it easy to use those apps even on the small display of the Smartphone. Now the users can easily access apps like Notes, photos, reminders, and others on their smartphones.

Apple’s Latest Update iCloud for both iOS and Android

The most important benefit of the latest update is for Android users who also access the services of Apple because the latest update helps them in making it easy to access the services like Apple notes on Android devices. It also helps in easily accessing Apple’s find my iPhone service on another device with the help of the browser. For example, you are searching for your missing iPhone in your friend’s device. The officials from Apple also added that some of the features in the latest update may not work properly yet. They said that there is an issue of uploading new images to a photo library of iCloud and also there is a failure in creating the new Reminders lists.
The latest update is very useful for different purposes as if you want to access all of your data such as images and videos, then you can access it on Android phones without transferring the data from your iPhone. It also has a feature like that if your iPhone is missing, then you can easily search it on other device.

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Now there is the availability of new UI in, but the major issue is that right now it is only available for just four services which are Notes, Reminders, Photos, and Find my device. The other features of iCloud are still not available for the new mobile website, but still, there is hope that in the future Apple will add services like Calendar, Contacts or the iWork suite of apps in its latest update.

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