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It has not been long when mobile apps were made available for small and medium-sized industries. with the rapid growth in the production of smartphones and its users, mobile apps became the chance for businesses to gain more traction and deliver their services to more users across the globe.

Mobile apps in smartphones have turned out to be the basic element in our lives. And why not? mobile apps are known for enhancing the capabilities of smartphones.

If we look down at the current situation of the world- a pandemic has hit the walls of more than 200 countries. Global pandemic was something then we heard in stories by our elders and now we have our own to tell it to our grandchildren.

The pandemic reason was an uncooked bat that made people sick in the city of Wuhan, China. It has affected more than 1,05,960 deaths across the globe. The situation has left the world in a subtle grave situation.

Every country is taking some measures for the sake of people. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus outbreak, people are forced to stay under quarantine. The economy of the world is falling down as businesses are affected the most. It is not late when Startups in the world will start failing.

Other industries may have shut down for a while but our ever-emerging mobile app development companies are still gaining projects as turning your business online is the best way to bounce back and gain what we have lost.

What to do at home?

People nowadays are worried about what to do and how to kill time. They are finding new ways to do so.

People now are clingy to mobile apps and are investing most of the time of the day in their smartphones.

So, if you are at home and wondering about the events developing around coronavirus. Here are some of the best suggestions that will help you address your daily needs and know about useful apps during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

  • Awareness app:

Having a general awareness during the times of a pandemic is one of the best apps that can get you updated in real-time. media channels nowadays are more about communal rights and they always add spices to make the basic information more enchanting.

While to overcome this issue, general awareness apps as it will give you the right needed and accurate updates of the real-time.

Awareness app

Arogya Setu-

The app was deployed by the government of India to track COVID19 patients. You can register in the app using the phone number and can share your travel details, symptoms history with doctors right now.  The app is crafted by expert developers and every update is made available to the app. It also tells you about the location of the COVID patients and how far you are from it. so, now you can expect to get the desired healthcare even in isolation.

  • Healthcare apps:

Whether in the times of pandemic or on normal days of the year- healthcare apps are a necessity. People like 60 years would not like to stand in the queues to buy medicine when they can just order and get it delivered at home.

A healthcare app just not only medical assistance but also book your medical tests at home.

healthcare app


It delivers the latest news along with insights from the medical world. The app was designed for medical experts and professionals but anyone can use the app to know about the diseases. It has more than 6200 reference articles than can deliver 8500 prescriptions.


With these amazing apps, you can easily the prescribed medicine by your doctors at your doorstep. The app also delivers the right tests for you as per your symptoms and also comes with a variety of features.

  • Meditation apps:

We all know how much keeping calm and being patient is essential to beat the COVID19. Everyone is at home quarantined for not knowing how long can be depressing and can homesick. To keep up your mental health stable you can use meditation apps that will cure out of your mental state as well as keep you healthy.


An app that is known for fulfilling mindfulness for your everyday life. It guarantees less stress and move more so that you can have a sound sleep. The app is used by over 60 million people and just 10 days with headspace can increase happiness in one’s mind by 16%. Don’t wait, just rush and check out the amazing app.

  • Education apps:

With the schools and colleges shut down for a period, students are looking for new ways to study online. Well, some of the education apps can make your learning easier and faster. This makes your time investment done right.



An app that has been in the market for more than 2 years now. It provides you online lectures and can join the classroom to learn something productive.

  • Video-calling apps:

Video calling apps are the best apps that can help you streamline your work. Many organizations are using such apps to get real-time updates of the work and connect with their team members.



Zoom, an online video conferencing app is accessed by many institutions and corporates to keep up the pace of work. The best of the app is that it has room for plenty of people. imagine 60 people in a class? Yeah, that’s possible with zoom.

  • Gaming apps:

Billions of people are sitting home and don’t know how to pass the time in their homes. To cure boredom and pass their time, many people have started playing games and there has been a significant increase in every category of games.


PUBG and Ludo king are the most played in this time. while some people are having fun playing these games, many are trying to sharpen their brains and are investing time in quiz games like sudoku and GK questions.

  • Social Media Platforms:

As you all know, people are now more active on social media as they have a lot of time to invest. The screen time of mobile phones has increased a lot.

social media platform

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are only a few that are used by billions of users to stay connected with people socially.  The apps are great that connects you socially while maintaining social distancing.

  • Video and audio streaming apps:

Users have more time and so they are investing to binge-watch all the series and movies or explore the best music.


Netflix, amazon prime video, &flix are just a few names to be taken for video streaming and Spotify, Cloud space, Wynk for audio streaming.


Most of the mobile apps mentioned are used by users for many years now. They make our lives easier. I know there are many more apps that can be used in these shrill times. We would like to hear about them.

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