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Benefits of Best App Development Company, We Offer

“100 + 10”% Money Back Guarantee

Developer is liable to pay 10% extra to client in case of failure in delivery of the project as failure in delivery is the incompetency of the company for which client is not responsible.

Outcome : Developer is confident to deliver the App Project on time result of dedicated team allocation, daily real time tracking of project, Live Coding & 24x7 Support/Testing, Daily Competency check and target distribution.

7 Days Instant Money Back Guarantee

Developer will be liable to refund the total amount of the app project incase developer fails to deliver app project on time within 7 Days of App Project failure.

Outcome : Many Competitors in market presume to be expertise developers, but how can they be trusted? There is no need to trust now client have assurance that the amount of the total project cost being spent by client on the project is 100% Safe and Secured in case of failure of development by the developer.

5% Penalty enforcement in case of delay in delivery

Developer will be liable to pay 5% App Cost/ Day if Developer fails to deliver the App as per the Development Time plan shared or the deadline of delivery conveyed to the client.

Outcome : Many Competitors do provide this benefit of penalty enforcement but we provide extra we are confident that no developer would ever dare to enforce 5% of the Total Project Cost / Day in case of delivery deadline failure.

Instant Refund of Upfront Payment

Client is respected to demand for refund for Upfront Payment (15% of the App Project Cost) in case of failure of receiving Wireframes, UI/UX Designs, Requirement Gathering Documents validated by Technical Team or any client handling failure.

Outcome : Client will be benefited by the Instant Refund Promise with the Upfront Payment as Client can ask for Instant Refund in case of any failure in initial wireframes or UI/UX Designs. Hence Client need not to wait for the entire project delivery if we fail to deliver the Upfront Payment.

9 Months of Free App Marketing & Promotion

We have crafted Marketing & Promotions Strategy for our client specifically called “Boost Up”. We are not just here for mobile application development but we serve as a complete Design, Development & Marketing Service Provider. We commit to client to make the App Featured in “Top 10 Developers”, “Editor’s Choice “and “Featured App”. We have Our Top 50 Apps listed in the same since 3 Years of Foundation in Mobile App Industry.

Real time Live Code Tracking

Developer will live code the entire app project via framework called Bit Bucket through which client can access the source code from Day 1.

Outcome : Client will have utmost assurance of Source Code where client can check our technical competency from the day 1, where client can hire a technical consultant to get the code checked at the beginning of the project itself. If Developer fails to meet the scope of work then Client can demand for the Refund. This is complete guarantee to client for the quality and delivery of the app project.

Guaranteed 1 Month Revenue Generation(Up to 150K USD)

Developer through Past Experience has earned the tactics or tricks to make the App stand out in Traffic through App Store Optimization, App Keywords & Search Planning, Audience Generation, Survey Management, Reviews & Ratings, Comments and Sharing, Social Media Promotions and Referral/Loyalty Schemes.

Outcome : Client is getting complete package, many times we deal with startups they have brilliant ideas but they have no idea of how to make their app marketed or promoted, they don’t have a road map or strategy to be followed to stand out, no USPs tracking, no daily model to follow. We are here to provide them step-step complete guide to make their App successful in 1 Month. We will guarantee in Legal Contract to promote and make app visible to maximum Users. We will also provide the following alongside benefits too which are the following:

  • 5 Million User Engagement Guaranteed: We will promote the App across Globe or Targeted Countries up to 5 Million Users Daily.
  • 10K Minimum Downloads within 1 Month of App Launch & Delivery.
  • Business Model Generation to enable Investors/Seed Funding.

24*7 Live Support/Testing

Developer will be providing 24x7 Support and Maintenance on daily basis to the client with Backend/Web Services, UI/UX Designing & Project Development Support.

Outcome : Client will be getting easy access to daily assistance needed for the app project without any extra charges or extra costs. Developer Team will be responsible for any basic needs or demands of the app project needed.

2.5 Years Complete Performance, Backend and App Support with UI/UX Design

Client will be getting complete performance, backend/web services support plus UI/UX Designing Support also which is complete “Extra Benefit” provided by no team which states if client needs to make any changes in the UI/UX Designing part they can demand or ask for the same for entire 2.5 Years of Lifespan. Also Developer will be completely maintaining the App & Backend with Supreme Performance and Quality.

Outcome : Very Important benefit being provided as Client will have 2.5 Years of Maximum Support with Performance, Reliability and Quality Checks and Testing, maintenance and support is very expensive and charged almost 25% of the Total Project Cost per month to maintain the app project which is being offer with “Zero Cost” and is inclusive. Hence, This Generates Sense of Responsibility in the Mind of Client and Ownership which Developer is making for the App Project as for Developer App is not anyone else App Projects its ours.

Quality Certificate & Contract

Developer will be providing Quality Certificate assuring Client that the App Project is qualified, tested and performing up to the expectations and results promised to the Client. Also Once the App Project is delivered Developer will be signing a Contract for Quality Maintenance and Support where Developer will be liable to maintain the exact quality and performance till 2.5 Years of Lifespan of the Contract.

Outcome : Perfect Way of assuring the Quality of the App, Developer understands the need and pains of checking the quality or making sure the performance is up to the mark. If it isn’t then developer will be Instantly Refunding the Entire Amount of the App Project Cost paid by the Client during development of app. This assures client that developer main aim is to build perfect solution not extracting money out of pocket of clients.

Company will pay for all 3rd Party API’s to be used in App Development for 1st Month

Developer will not be charging for any 3rd Party Apis Cost for 1st Month of App Delivery and Launch.

Outcome : “Great” As Client will have time to get the app tested in their own environment incase developer fails to deliver they will save money of investing into the 3rd Party Apis or Platforms for complete 1 month.

2 Version Complete App Support for both Android and iOS

Developer will be responsible for providing extensive support up to 2 Versions for both Platforms.

Outcome : Maximum Developers provides only 1 Version App Support for both Platforms but it’s difficult to manage the 2nd Version Support as the major changes or complete re-designing of the operating system happens, so it’s extremely important to make sure Client have assistance for at least 2 Versions.

Pay as go Model with our Flexible Milestone Plan

Client will have a facility to Pay as Client wants or wishes once the app project is initiated. Client can pay or make the Milestones Cost managed as per Client requirements, the only condition here will be the Cost of Every Milestone cannot be less than 500$ and Time of Functionalities to be developed will be managed accordingly to the cost by the developer itself.

Outcome : Amazing Model, Perfect for Startups. If you are client eager the app developed or designed but don’t have complete payment or total project cost right now with you, then it’s okay you can get the app initiated by paying 15% App Cost and rest amount you can pay as you want. If Client wants to stop project due to lack of funding can do at any time, still the client will have complete source code and copyrights with the client. Perfect Profitable Way.

Dedicated Domain Centric Team Allocation

Developer will allocate only those developers who have minimum 2 Years of Experience Plus are experienced with the Features and Functionalities will only be allocated to the app project.

Outcome : Domain or Vertical based Team Allocation will ensure Quality and Performance as those have already worked and are familiar with the features and functionalities also this will save time and cost of the app project.

Project Management / Real Time Tracking

Client can Real Time Track the entire Team/Source Code with Live Screen Monitoring. Client will also get daily status updates and suggestions with daily development planner or calendar of development which Client can save on the Mobile Phone or can set alarm from.

Outcome : No need to remind the developer about the work as the work or tasks to be done will be daily made and set for the client to check and tick off from the checklist to make the app development smooth. Great Tip for successful make.

Intellectual Property Rights plus Complete Source Code Documentation

Client will be safe with its data, privacy, documents, credentials and source code for which developer has been paid off. Developer will be responsible for Documenting/ Scanning/Formatting the Source Code with Indexing the Features and Functionalities in the Scope of Work. Also Proper Test Cases Documentation and Scenarios Planning will also be documented.

Outcome : Great to preserve the Work being done, Developers may charge money or extract money to provide the Source Code or Documentations but We will be providing the Source Code from the Day 1 through Live Coding Benefit. Hence, Entire Work is safe with the Client itself. So no need to trust developer, trust the work being done. If Developer fails to provide the Source Code properly documented and Test Cases crafted then Client can demand for Instant Refund.

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