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With the use of mobile phones, we can perform various functions, but browsing and sending messages are the most important and basic functions of our mobile phones. Today’s there is a huge advancement in technology, due to which your mobile phones become smart and perform various tasks with the help of mobile apps. There are lots of messenger apps floating on your smartphone still, email communication is the leading area of online communication.

The email is leading the chart from the last many years and even after a huge time, it remains the best option for personal and professional communication. Due to its huge importance in our life, it comes pre-install in our mobile phones. There are lots of email apps available on the market which provides better features.
So, through this blog, we are going to discuss top email apps in 2020 that can boost your communication requirements.

Best Email Apps for Android:

So, here we are going to know about the top 10 email apps for Android which offer various features like multiple account support, inbox categorization, AI-backed inbox, and much more. Our experts have selected the best email apps that allow you to increase email productivity among users.

1. Gmail

Best Android Email AppThere is no doubt that Gmail is the highly popular and best android email app due to its feasibility and various features like offline access, spam filtering, integration with Google Hangouts, and many more. In android devices, it comes preinstalled on devices and it helps Gmail in increasing the more users to it, which is at present more than 1.5 billion.
It offers you 15GB of cloud storage, more than any other email service provider. It also limits the file attachment size to 25MB. It is the best email app for users who keep themselves engages with other Google products because it provides a way to sync their activities through a single platform.

Best Features of Gmail:

• Multiple account support
• Private mode
• Classification of the promotional and social messages
• Inline action buttons and many more

2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Best Android Email AppIt is also one of the best email apps available for Android. It helps in managing the different email accounts and files together. The app also comes with an advanced inbox that keeps important messages at the top and allows users to switch between different functions with just a few clicks. It is mostly used by business users due to its business-focused functionalities.
It is used by most of the offices across the globe due to its email services like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mailbox, Gmail, and Outlook.com.

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Best Features of Microsoft Outlook:

• Easy to access
• Scale operation and impose consistency
• Option to join team meetings
• Support the push account

3. Newton Mail

Newton Mail Best Android Email AppIt is an email app that you can use after subscription. It offers a lot of powerful features like Snooze, Undo Send, Send later, and many more. The Read Receipt feature of Newton app makes it important because it allows you to track your mail, and who read the email via individual mail tracking.
It also comes with a feature of recap option which automatically brings your conversations and emails. The app is friendly with services like Yahoo mail, iCloud, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, and all IMAP accounts.

Best Features of Newton Mail:

• Custom inbox swipes
• Instant push notifications
• Custom folder sync
• Schedule emails

4. Proton Mail

Proton Mail Best Android Email AppIt is the largest encrypted email service provider and highly impressed everyone with its core. It is easy to use email services through it on mobile devices due to seamless integration end-to-end encryption. In this app, all the messages are stored in an encrypted way that also can’t be read by Proton Mail.
The app offers various features to its modern users like the ability to send terminating emails and swipe gestures.

Best Features of Proton Mail:

• Automatic PGP key management
• Customizable swipe gestures
• Encrypted attachments and emails
• Timers can be set for messages

5. Edison Mail

Edison Mail Best Android Email AppIt is one of the top email apps which come as an ideal replacement for the stock email app. It is mainly used to manage different mail accounts from various service providers such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, and many more.
It offers various advanced services with its built-in assistant that rapidly curates the important info of the mail like bills, receipts, attachment, and files.

Best Features Edison Mail:

• Automatic classification of messages
• Built-in intelligent assistance
• Package Tracking
• Real-time travel notifications

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6. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer Best Android Email AppIt is one of the most popular email apps available on Android. It directly connects with email and never stored the content of email and passwords on its servers. The app offers you various advanced features like quick replies, bulk edit, contacts, built-in calendar, and many more. The app also offers enhanced security features like PIN and Touch ID.

Best Features of VMware Boxer:

• Bulk actions
• Custom Swipe gestures
• Quick Replies
• Send availability feature

7. Nine

Nine Email AppNine is a full-fledged email app available on Android. While designing, it mainly focused on entrepreneurs as it allows them to efficiently communicate with their clients anywhere at any time. It is based on direct push technology. But the major thing to keep notice is that the data is store on the device itself because of the unavailability of cloud stores.

Best Features of Nine:

• Support Multiple Accounts
• Hybrid email search
• Direct Push Synchronization
• Secure Sockets Layer

8. K-9 Mail

K9 Mail Best Email AppIt is a freely available and open-source email app that offers a variety of advanced features to its users. It is simple to use and fulfill all the requirements of users through its features.

Best Features of K-9 Mail:

• Push IMAP support
• Individual account notifications
• Support WebDAV
• Option of Black and White theme

9. TypeApp Mail

TypeApp Best Email AppIt provides a top-notch email experience to its users that can easily manage different accounts through a single app. The app comes with a feature of Automatic Clusters that collects all emails from different services automatically.
It also provides security to communication through encryption standards as it comes with passcode and lock screen options.

Best Features of TypeApp Mail:

• Group mailing option
• Unified inbox
• Configurable Menu
• Clusters to simply email

10. Blue Mail

Blue Mail Best Email AppIt is the best android email app for free which can easily manage multiple email accounts. It also allows users for smart push notifications and group emailing. You can also set a timer using this app and customize the inbox. For advanced services, the Blue mail app supports IMAP and POP3.

Best Features of Blue Mail:

• Group mailing option
• Configurable menu
• Android Wear support


Through the blog, we deliver you a list of top android email apps in 2020. All of these email apps are best in offering services and user-experience. The main thing is that you can select any one of them according to your requirements. All of the above email apps help users to manage their inbox efficiently.

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