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Best AR Home Décor Apps

Interior designing has got an edge courtesy of Augmented Reality technology. If you wish to change the look of your room or home but can’t afford an interior designer, certain AR apps will help you in redesigning, modifying, and giving a true makeover to your interiors. 

The recent advancement of Augmented Reality related home decorating apps makes it possible to experience different arrangements in real-time with virtual furnishing and colors. These apps come with extensive features and AR capabilities for both iOS and Android users. In this post, we have sorted six of the best AR induced interior decoration apps that will give your premises an edge and help you making your enhancement project easier. 


AR Home Décor Apps For Android


Home Depot

The first app on the list is Home Depot. The app has joined the helpful trend of AR technology to give offer you a makeover of your liking. Home Depot offers software that enhances the users’ experience.

The mechanism of the app includes choosing a product and pointing the phone at the room. The app looks good, but the only lag is that the AR feature only supports some of the items on the retailers’ catalog. Barring this, the app is impactful as it gives you peace of mind knowing that you purchased something online with an awareness of the dimensions of the items. With time Home Depot will be making some amusing updates with timely improvements in the Augmented Reality technology. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for free.




The next application on the list is Houzz. Talking about its working, while uploading photos and browsing products from various retailers, you can realistically view them. All you need to do is, select the item of your liking and tap the View in My Room button. Doing so will make you see the stuff placed where you want. Also, you can take pictures of different setups and return to them later when you are ready to invest again.

Houzz comes with some handy features, which makes it a versatile app to use. You can download Houzz for free on the Google Play Store.


Dulux Visualizer

The famous paint brand Dulux has its own application embedded with AR technology. Dulux Visualizer helps you in finding the perfect shade for the wall, courtesy of the augmented reality feature.

The Visualizer button in the app will help you turn on the AR program, and the fun begins. Now, direct the camera on the wall you wish to paint. Choose a hue from the color list and tap it where the paint should go in the virtual representation. You just have to keep your phone’s camera angled right so that the visualizers will fill in the selected area. Dulux Visualizer is also available on the PlayStore for free.




With Wayfair, you can gain access to a range of decorations, furniture, and other high-quality products. You just have to point your phone’s camera in front of the space you want to fit the stuff. 

There are minor weaknesses in the app, which will keep on improving with time, but still, the app looks a promising one and is available for free download on the Google Play Store.




Measurement is an essential aspect when it comes to buying home decors.- This is because you need to ensure the width and length of the furniture or decor to know if they fit in the space you have at your place.

For instance, if you want to measure a wall, the only thing you have to do is point your phone at the space you want to fill, tap the place your virtual measuring tape should start from, and also tap where it should end. Once this is done, the app will automatically measure the distance. Like all the other apps listed here, AirMeasure is also free to download from Google PlayStore.


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Overstock is one of the most widely used apps for home décor in the US. The working of the application is more or less the same as Houzz.

The app offers a list from wherein you have to pick items of your liking. Select the item to view it on Augmented Reality, and then use your phone to place 3D models of the products in your home environment to see how they will look. As mentioned earlier, Overstock works almost on the principal of Houzz, but still holds better goodwill in the US as compared to the latter.


Time to wrap up: 

Interior designing is art blended with imagination. Interior designers possess years of expertise in their facet, and that is why when they come up with something unique, it just looks exuberant. But when you can’t afford interior designers, there are AR embedded interior designing apps to help you for good. We have mentioned some of these apps above to help you with your home décor chores.

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