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Since we are not allowed to go outside during this pandemic, there’s literally nothing we can do the other than working from home. But there is something we all can relate to. we came to find out that most of the people out there started cooking for the very first time and started posting their recipes on social media handles.

You may not be the best cook out there a MasterChef but you can become one. The only thing that you need is dedication, an urge to cook, and of course a mobile application to begin with.

There is nothing more appreciable than good food. You can build up relationships with it and you can build relationships that, it works both ways. So if you don’t want to break up relationship with your filthy recipe, by the way I am not making fun of you. You need to have an assistant, and what could be better than mobile application.

Cooking And Recipe Android Apps

But there is one issue, there are thousands of cooking apps for Android and IOS platform that can help you make great food but there are certain aspects which you need to look at before downloading any cooking application like user experience and user interface.

Don’t worry because we created a list of best cooking recipe apps can possibly find on these platforms. So without any further ado let’s get a grab on.

1. Cookpad

If you are looking for a best cooking recipe apps that works great with the social media handles then this might be the app for you. Cookpad is said to be one of the best recipe organizer app available as it lets you upload your recipe within the application which is quite a plus point in itself. Once you upload your recipes in the application, it automatically share them with everyone else. It also lets you upload private recipes in case you don’t want someone to play around with your family recipe. What makes this application stand out is it clean user interface which is quite simple to use. So, do make sure to give it a shot.

2. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is said to be one of the best cooking recipe app available as it feature a bunch of recipes along with HD video guides, and how to videos for basic kitchen tips and tricks. This could be a go to cooking and recipe application for those who stepped inside the kitchen for the very first time. it has the capability to auto generate shopping list and convert measurements if needed. The app is completely free to use which is something really difficult to complain about and the best part is you can also bookmark your favourite recipes for easy recall in the future.

3. KptnCook

This when is relatively a new cooking application on Android get it works exceptionally well then any other cooking application out there. Unlock any other cooking app that talk you in the midst of various cooking recipes, this application give you to a list of recommended recipes which you can look at everyday to get new ideas and consideration. KptnCook comes with various applications like instructions with photos dietary recipes like vegan or high protein, and so many more. So if you’re looking for something different then do make sure to give this app a try.

4. My cookbook recipe manager

Though the application is completely free to use it does comes with the early plan of $20. This is more inclined towards those who prefer basic recipes then something extravagant. What are the major functions of this application is to provide users their own database of recipes which they can access for a quick recall. It lets you alter your recipes with photos and comments which is quite helpful if you ask us.

5. Paprika recipe manager 3

It is quite an exceptional cooking recipe book style application that it’s add your own cooking recipe and you can also the inbuilt ingredients list and add it in your shopping list for an easy reminder. The app offers a material design which something you prefer the most. The best part about this application is it lets you scare ingredients for larger or smaller servings and it can also help you plan meals.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is not only about cooking but everything else out there. If you want something out of the box then this application is for you and it goes same for cooking. You can easily find recipes in this application and wander around the nicest of which you may have never seen before. The returns of recipes available along with cooking tips tricks and how to guides. This could be a go to cooking apps for your holiday season as it offers great cooking recipes which would definitely want to cook and present to your family members.

7. Tasty

If you use Facebook then you exactly know what we are talking about. Tasty is not the most followed groups on Facebook that offers quick catchy and best recipes which definitely worth a shot. Apparently the videos they post are quite entertaining to watch as it is much faster and offers you a simpler way of cooking those recipes. If you haven’t been following this page then do make sure do checkout Facebook or if you want something personalized then go ahead and download this application now.

8. Yummly

Yummly is yet another new application for cooking recipe which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can use this application to look out for recipes and save them for future use. It also lets you make your own grocery list with ease. This app is filled up with greater speed which would definitely want to check out. Since the app is new, it has some bugs which are expected to get fixed in future updates. Yet this is a must I application.

9. Allrecipes dinner spinner

This is one of the most popular inconsistent cooking recipe app out there. If you like recipes to be basic then this might be the best option available for you. The application also offers state-of-the-art search engine that lets you explore through terms of cooking recipes. What set it apart is it spinner tool. Now you must be thinking what exactly it is? Well it offers you a prep time, are main ingredient, along with a meal you should try out.

10. ChefTap

This one right here is quite small in size but it is said to be the most rapidly growing cooking recipe application out there. It offers you a bunch of recipes along with the decent user interface and it also support outside sites like Pinterest. The best part about ChefTap is that it can work offline as well. It’s free account lets you save up to 100 recipes along with most features but if you want to accept some additional features you will have to pay an early subscription amount of $19.99.

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Wrap Up

So if you want to bring out the chef in you, the aforementioned apps could help you out in the best possible way. However, you can also browse through the app store because there are great chances that we may have forgotten to mention the most appropriate app which you were looking for.

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