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Couple Apps Available In 2020

What isn’t available on smartphones today? You just name it and you will get it. Globalization, privatization, and now digitalization. We exist in a world where almost everything is just a touch away. In the fast-paced world, it is quite a difficult task to give ample time to your partner, and sometimes, when things worsen, many relationships come to an end.

To simplify all this, there are many apps available across Android and iOS platforms that are already in use and recommended by couples for a healthy relationship. Many aren’t aware of these couple apps. There are so many dating applications available but couple apps haven’t got any significance whatsoever. These apps help you improve or maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and at the same time give your relationship the boost it needs.

Here, I have compiled some of the best couple related apps which you should give worth a go in order to improve or maintain your relationship.


Best Couple Apps To Consider


This is a couples-only app that was introduced in 2011. With over 10 million downloads on the play store and rated with 4.7 stars, Between is comfortably among the best couple apps.

You can store your memories with photos and videos easily, you can save schedules and all those special days in the in-built calendar and you can check on your partner’s schedule as well.

DateNight – Date Ideas App for Couples

A perfect choice if you are looking for an apt date night, no matter where they are located. This app lets you select from various categories that help you finalizing a date night as per the occasion, time, and budget.

Here are the key features,

  • The app gives you the liberty of creating a curated list and browse through lists created by other users.
  • You can even submit your own ideas of a date night.
  • Ideas posted by others can be reviewed as well, if some ideas haven’t got good reviews, they can be removed by the admins.


This is another app available on Android that focuses on the health relationship of couples. What makes this app different from others is its feature to explore intimate desires via unnumbered romantic date ideas.

The app also comes with a double-blind match system so that couples can see and stick to ideas that both of them agree to.


Love Nudge

Between busy schedules and long days, expressing love sometimes can be a thing to forget. For this very reason, Love Nudge is here to build a strong understanding between couples that eventually results in a healthy relationship.

Some of the prominent features of this app are,

  • Helps in learning a partner’s love language so that what the two want is easily understandable.
  • Set and track various activity goals.
  • Connect with a partner by living up to their expectation in the best possible way.

Coupled – Relationship Tracker, Love Days Calendar

For couples in love, Coupled offers a relationship tracker, event calendar, and d-day countdown. You can create your exclusive unique space, stay connected with a couple of chat, safeguard your memories with albums, and track your together time.

Among other prominent features,

  • The couple chat gives the privilege to the user to share images, videos, and voice notes with each other.
  • Accurate d-day counter and countdown for couples.
  • A shared calendar that keeps track of your important dates and events.
  • Track special days like anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, or anything.

Happy Couple

A game application that lets couples raise all the bars of love. Happy Couple is a quiz type app for couples where you can have fun and at the same time can explore your partner to strengthen your relationship.

Some highly proclaimed features include

  • A perfect couple quiz app for all kinds of couples.
  • 5 new questions every day that couples can answer about themselves and guess about their partners. For every correct answer, they get points that will lead them to the next round which gets unlocked with new questions and challenges.
  • Daily tips and personalized challenges to help couples make their relationship more intimate.

Lovedays – D-day for Couples

Lovedays is a D-day counter and widget for couples that helps them to remember anniversaries and other special days. This is one application which is a much-needed for couples in distance relationship.

Lovedays primary features include,

  • Manage and remember special dates.
  • Set your home screen with your partner’s picture and then you can directly call your partner on your home screen.
  • You can put pictures and names of you and your partner on the main screen.
  • Calculate important events and dates with a D-day calculator.

Rave – Watch video together

For the couples who are in a long-distance relationship, this app is meant for you. Couples in long-distance relationships can now easily stream videos together. The added offering includes the chat feature which you can easily do underneath the streaming video.

The elusive features Rave offers,

  • The couples connect with speakers and sync instantly.
  • VR support.
  • Stream videos from Netflix, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, Viki, and more.
  • Upload videos to Dropbox or Googe Drive for streaming together.

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This one is a path connecting and sharing applications best suited for covers. No more ‘Where are u?’ texts, with Pathshare you can easily get the real-time location of your partner.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to share an accurate real-time location with one or more parties. It also has a privacy feature that allows you to set a session duration that stops everyone from seeing your location.


So, these are the best available couple apps on the Android platform to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Almost all these apps are currently in use by many across the globe to spice up their romantic lives. If you come across any other couple related apps, feel free to share in the comments section.

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