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Now everything becomes easier and simpler due to modernization and digitalization. You can easily get a solution to your every query online – starting from online shopping to getting an assistant.

It’s all due to mobile apps available for almost everything. Now, it also becomes easy to decorate and furnish your home using different furnishing apps. There are various top home decorating and interior designing apps to furnish your app.

In the era of technology, you don’t need to hire interior designers to decorate your house because the arrival of mobile apps revolutionizes everything. Now various quality furnishing apps assist you in renovating your house.

These apps allow you in selecting the proper wall colors, best furniture, and various other decorative items easily to make your house attractive and beautiful.

Now you don’t need to hire costly interior designers, just open your smartphone and any of the best decorating app to enhance the decoration of your house without causing much to your wallet.

Here, in this blog, we are going to deep dive into free furnishing apps to download that helps in making your house beautiful and attractive.

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Best Furnishing Apps to Download

Everyone wants their house to look beautiful and attractive without investing a huge amount on interior designers. There are various furnishing apps that assist you in doing all these at a low cost. Let’s check a 10 free furnishing apps-

1. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler is a must-have device that makes it simpler and easier to decorate your house. It provides all the recommendations you expect from thriving interior designers for the decoration of your house.

You have the best advice from choosing ideal wall colors for your room to recommending decoration pieces that are appropriate for your house. This is a magnificent app that provides the house with a perfect cool look.

2. Home Design 3D Gold

Some people are terrible about the interior and other creative activities. You will need the home construction 3D gold app on your phone if you are one of them. This free furnishing app will help you to make your home look beautiful and characteristic.

It’s the best decorative app for the design and renovation of your house. This makes your home look spacious and beautiful by giving your house precise architectural designs. It is the latest app that gives you everything you want to make your house lovely and attractive.

3. BrightNest

You must go further step by step during the decoration and design of your house. As the more organized you are, the more beautiful your house is when you renovate it.

The most difficult task is to carry out the interior design because you need to make sure that you do not miss any details. To have the perfect color on the wall and in the fabulous interior of the entire house, you should seek guidance from the BrightNest, one of the top free furnishing apps to download since it gives your house the accurate and best look, with new and recent interior designs.

4. Houzz

Houzz is an application and a website that provides guidance on the interior, architecture, and decoration of the building. Many articles, blogs, posts, and features are available which helps you a lot to decorate your house. The Home Decor App gives you almost the detail that you need for a beautiful and elegant room, from the option of pieces for decoration to the color and furniture. It is one of the best furnishing apps to download, if you want to make the inside and outside of the house beautiful, without the need of any external factor.

5. Zillow Digs

If you can’t produce wonderful ideas for your house, you should look for help with the best app for home improvement and decoration. Zillow Digs can help you in a wonderful way and simplify and make the decoration process easier by giving you the precise refurbishment and renovation to make it look perfect for your home.

It will also lead you through the tools you need to make your home lovely. The simple and small things that you think are a very difficult task, like hanging light, are simplified thanks to the quality boxing machine app.

6. MagicPlan

The overall look of the house can be enhanced by flooring and ceiling. With the aid of the home decoration MagicPlan app, you can make the ceiling elegant by hanging beautiful light and chandeliers to improve your home floor. You’re characterized by the beautiful flooring in your house. If you have this home decorating app that is available for Android and iOS, you don’t need an interior designer to renovate your house.

7. Homify

Homify is one of the newer applications for home design. It provides insights for projects for home improvement. The application contains a library with over 1.5 million architecture and interior design photos. You can save your favorites, see the latest house design trends, and more. The app even suggests home decorators, designers, or other experts do the work for you. For future references, you can also save things. Without in-app purchases, the app is completely free to download.

8. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is one of the best furnishing apps to download. You can design the rooms in 2D or 3D. It functions a little like home design 3D. You may install furnishings, decorative items, and other materials. It includes offline support, device-syncing, texture and object catalogs, and more. It can be pretty costly. However, you have to be quite a full-fledged professional to need the app. It’s a good beginning place.

9. Color911

Create and save color palettes with the Color911 app for your next design project. Color specialist Amy Wax created more than 80 themes to download, but you can also create a palette based on your device’s photo and organize the favorite colors into folders, then share them with your friends or designers via email.

10. Photo Measures

No need to hold a tape measure constantly; this program lets the user take a snapshot of a room and write the measurements right there. You don’t need to doubt how the awesome piece you find fits the next time you’re looking for furniture.


There are various other home decorative apps available in the market, but above-discussed are some of the best furnishing apps to download which helps in enhancing the interior designing of your house. Now you don’t need to pay a huge amount for interior designers, just download any of the free furnishing apps and make your house attractive as well as beautiful.

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