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The major reasons behind Android’s popularity in the global market is its capability to customization. About 90% of users prefer Android as their go to platform just because they have complete freedom to make the device whatever I feel like. As we all know, iOS provides its users with something irreplaceable in which users are only allowed to re arrange icons. Whereas, in Android you can do anything you want because that’s what this platform is all about.

This fragmented approach towards design has pushed smartphone manufacturers to provide the audience with something they can look up to. For instance, Samsung devices based upon android platform but the whole concept of its working is completely different to that of android.

Nowadays, you don’t have to buy certain devices to enjoy best android launcher as they are now available on the play store completely free. These apps can completely change the whole interface of your smartphone and it puts you on the driver seat to make it look and perform as per your taste.

You won’t believe it but there are dozens of different apps available, some of them provide fluidity and speed while some provide better user interface.

Best Launcher For Android Mobiles

For your own convenience b2b liberty to unless some of the best launcher for android which you can download in 2020. Every single one of them are solid choices for your device and will definitely match your taste.

1. Microsoft Android Launcher

With the downfall of windows phone, Microsoft came out with a android launcher of its own. Apparently it worked out for the company because this launcher is considered to be the best launcher for Android. The reason being, this launcher is highly customizable and offers a built in new window which is to be quite helpful and a lot of other options as well. It also offers a deep integration with Microsoft on services such as Skype, Outlook, and Wunderlist.

2. Evie Android Launcher

We all can admit to the fact that some of the people out there prefer simplicity over customization. It’s the best android launcher that provides simplicity at its best. Since this android launcher is simple to use it offers fluidity and fast functionality which sets this android launcher apart from others. It offers a powerful universal search function which makes things a lot easier for the user.

3. Nova Android Launcher

If you haven’t heard of this Android launcher then there any chance that you might be using Android for the first time. Nova is said to be the best android launchers in the world of Android which means it has come a long way since its inception. You can do anything you want with this launcher from changing animation speed to the spacing of widgets. you will never get bored of this launcher because the options that are available will definitely keep you entertained no matter what.

4. POCO Android Launcher 2.0

Xiaomi Chinese smartphone manufacturer made the market stumble when it launched budget handset POCO F1 that had its own android launcher. The reason behind creating this best launcher for android smartphone was to provide users with impeccable speed and efficiency.

In just matter of time, app developers made POCO Android launcher 2.0 available on the Play Store to those who want something new in their Android device and to those who want to enjoy the feel of POCO without even purchasing the smartphone.

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5. Niagara Android Launcher

If you are a minimalist who is looking for something minimal for your Android device then this might be the launch of a you. Niagara launcher has the capability to change your user interface to something very minimal which will definitely please your minimal needs. There are no Ambrose whatsoever no home screen or widgets, instead there is a list of quick access apps which you can select by yourself and an alphabetical list to access everything else on your smartphone.

6. Apex Android Launcher

If you are looking for a launcher that is no incline towards safety and security then your search is over. Apex launcher isn’t just a launcher, instead it is a feature pack the launcher that offers a handful of security options which you can definitely implement in your device. This is the best launcher for android is proven to be quite fast in speed and it is highly customizable. So what you waiting for, give this launcher a try.

7. Hyperion Android Launcher

The name is definitely giving away the purpose of this android launcher. Yes! It is a fluid functioning and best launcher for android. But, when it comes down to its functionality, you’d be surprised to know that it is a feature packed one. However, in order to unlock certain features you’ll have to purchase the premium version of this app which is quite inexpensive considering the amount of features you will get.

8. Smart Android Launcher 5

The sole purpose of this launcher is to provide uses with a more efficient and effective way to use their smartphones. Now you must be thinking what makes this launcher different than others? Well, as the name suggests, this launcher automatically starts application out on the basis of your usage which means you will get a more personalized way of using your smartphone which is definitely more practical than any other launcher which we mentioned above.

9. Lawnchair 2 Android Launcher

Lawnchair is hands down the best pixel launcher available on the Play Store. It is the best launcher for android mobile. So if you’re looking for a pixel experience then this might be the best option available to you. This launcher is filled with selection of customization options along with a wide range of widgets.

10. Launcher 10

If you want to get the feel of using windows phone then go ahead and download this application now. In this application you will get a music of tiles which are entirely customizable. However it doesn’t offer the life functionality which you may have seen in windows phones but it’s better than nothing. So, if you want to experience of think different then give this launcher a try.


Wrap Up

Android is all about keeping things fresh and the best android launchers we mentioned above completely justify that. So, if you are looking for something different for you’re a Android device, then do make sure to download one of the above launcher.

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