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Best Pregnancy Tracking Apps

Before starting this post, let me ask you a question. How many of you were aware that there are apps for pregnancy tracking? Sounds strange? In the digitized era, where there are apps for almost everything, pregnancy tracking apps shouldn’t come as a surprise. While these apps aren’t a substitute for professional medical advice, but these apps help a lot in tracking you and your baby’s growth over time. These apps maintain a log of your vitamins and medicines and connect you with other moms to be.

Well, in this post, I have compiled some of the best pregnancy Tracker Apps for both iOS and Android users to keep track of your pregnancy. So without wasting any further time, let us start with the compilation.


7 Best Pregnancy Tracking Apps For 2021


Pregnancy Tracker

The first name on the list is Pregnancy Tracker. The app is available for Android users and displays all the details about your pregnancy, along with weekly videos on developing your pregnant body and baby other relevant information about pregnancy. Some of the prominent features of the app include,

  • Shows the growth and development of the baby
  • Daily tips, updated health news, and personal stories from real parents
  •  The videos show what can you expect this week in your pregnancy
  • Personalized baby registry checklist to find out all that you need


The next app on the list is Preglife that is available for both iOS and Android users. Rated with 4.9 stars on iOS and 4.8 stars on Android, Preglife is one of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps. Some of the sublime features of the app include,

  • You can track your baby’s growth
  • No need to join a community or share stuff
  • You will get information on what’s happening in your body weekly

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App

Exclusively available for iOS users, the BabyCenter Pregnancy app provides you with the most accurate information when you enter your specific due date. Some of the alluring features of the app include,

  • The app is medically accurate and comes up with the exact medication
  • After you deliver your baby, the app automatically changes into a parenting guide to help you survive the crazy few weeks post-pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

With Sprout, you can keep track of your baby and daily progress. The app provides the best journaling options and shares stories with other expecting moms who can share their stories and lend you support. Some of the notable features of the app are,

  • Provides you with daily and weekly information about your body and baby
  • Available exclusively for Android users
  • Comprises tools like Weight Tracker, Contraction Timer, and Kick Counter
  • Offers a personalized timeline


The next application on the list is Pregnancy+. The app offers a realistic interface that lets you track your baby’s kick and your weight gain at the same time. Pregnancy+ provides an illustrated chart to help you learn about the baby’s growth. Some of the essential features of the app include,

  • Provides daily pregnancy info
  • Maintains a personal diary for pregnancy weight log, Doctor visit log
  • Diet, exercise, and labor info
  • Maintains a kick counter

Glow Nature Pregnancy App

For pregnant women who are seeking all pregnancy-related information and stats in one place, Glow Nature is definitely the app to use. It keeps track of all your reminders related to appointments, bump photos, etc. Because, during pregnancy, mood swings are common. Below are some of the notable features of the app,

  • Tracks the growth of the baby and the milestones during pregnancy with charts
  • Provides a daily log of Trimester specific with 30 different items
  • Tracks Doctor visits courtesy of a unique medical log
  • Available for free download on Google Play Store

Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tips and Tracker

Hello Belly is the next app on this list. Apart from pregnancy tracking, the app also provides essential tips every week of pregnancy. This Android app gives you a feeling of sitting with your bestie and having fun without having to do anything much. Some of the captivating features of the app are,

  • The app gives you all the pregnancy updates and helps you connect with your baby giving you a sense of comfort through knowing what is happening.
  • Gives weekly information on what is going on with your baby
  • The app gives you a clear insight into what to do and what not to
  • Know about the first six months of a baby’s life to become the best mother
  • Offers over 280 cards by top experts and yoga video classes


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Time to wrap up: 

There you go expecting ladies, keep track of your pregnancy, along with your body courtesy of these pregnancy tracking apps. Try any of these applications and share your experience in the comment section below. I hope this post will help you a lot in tracking your pregnancy in a detailed manner.

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