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There’s no denying of the fact that the mobile app industry is breaking all barrier and continues to grow somewhat on a constant rate. Though it is good news for all users out there, we cannot say the same about businesses and app development companies, as the competition out there has become quite brutal.
Things have become tough for businesses to work on their app growth and retain their users, reason being the hyper-activeness of the market, people nowadays uses only those apps which they need in the place.
We went on the internet to find to more about what mobile app development industry is up to nowadays, and we found out that an average app loses 80% of its daily active users within the first three days of install.
With that being said, now it’s time for us to dive into the whole aspect of application growth which you all guys came in here for.
In order to help you out in the best possible way, we decided to enlighten you about the app marketing growth cycle which you can implement in app marketing strategy.

How to Create an Effective App Marketing Growth Cycle?

How to Create an Effective App Marketing Growth Cycle

One of the major aspects that most app development companies focus on is to increase and retain the number of users on their app. They often start things up with acquiring users, after that, they work hard to convert them into the paying ones.
Once they are done with that, companies try to increase their user’s average spend. As the users spend more, app publishers have more to invest in growing their user base, and this cycle starts over again.

5 Wheel Spokes of the App Growth Marketing Cycle:

Wheel Spokes of the App Growth Marketing Cycle

1. Acquire an installed base.
2. Convert installed base into active users
3. Convert active users into paying users
4. Increase the average revenue of paying users
5. Reinvest profits into increasing the installed base (Back to Step 1)

Start Things Out With Something Fresh and Effective

Whether you believe it or not but an app’s launch strategy plays key aspect in its long-term user acquisition, which makes things quite obvious for marketers to generate as much visibility for the app as possible.
One of the best and proven ways to mobile app growth is running an app burst campaign. In this specific campaign, you in can concentrate your spending to drive in more number of downloads in a short period of time. Since app store algorithms are somewhat based on how many downloads an app has over a given time frame, a surge in downloads can help you boost your rankings.

For instance, app marketers or marketers in general, often buy rewarded traffic in which users receive an incentive, such as virtual currency, a discount or something else in exchange for downloading the app. The only downside associated with this is that many of these users will eventually drop off. They just installed the app for one reason and this is to earn the reward. But it’s worth it, as it’ll be having great impact on your app’s visibility.

With the help of this well-trusted app marketing cycle, you, an app publisher can focus on how to drive in the most value from each stage of this process.

Best Ways for Driving Conversions

To convert an installed base into active users, you’d have to adopt a more consistent app growth strategy. This requires setting up a conversion funnel and measurement stack. You can’t optimize what you don’t measure, so KPI management is a key aspect over here.
To drive the highest ROIs, marketers should share data with their attribution partners and vendors. They also should allow for highly segmented pricing and continuous post-install optimization:
Additionally, app publishers need a retargeting strategy. Retargeting can feed the app growth cycle in a few ways. You can use it to:
1. Maximize the conversion rate from installed base to active users.
2. Maximize activity within the app.
3. Convert active users to paying users.
4. Increase the average spends per user.

The point is; app marketers will have to share data with their partners and build audience clusters to maximize ROI. If carried out properly, retargeting activities can lead to a higher number of paying users and even improve the economics of your mobile performance marketing.

Other than just sticking up to app marketing, you can always rely on various marketing strategies to make the most out of the industry you are serving in.

Here are Some Ways Which You can Trust Upon and Increase your App’s Growth in the Best Possible Way:

1. Collect Massive Amounts of User Feedback and Act Accordingly

In order to make your app better, you’d have to constantly collect data from potential users, friends, and family and pay attention to your product/app.

2. Use Email Marketing to Re-engage your Users

Marketers often use email marketing as a way to re-engage and provide value to their customers/users.

3. Build Growth into your Platform as a Feature

Consider building more and more sharing options into your app, as it’ll help you drive in more organic traffic.

4. Evaluate your On-boarding Experience

If want to reach the maximum heights of user retention, you’d have to make sure that the second your app is downloaded, the user must get accustomed to using the app.

5. Make Holistic Decisions

It is good to measure everything in your channel, but using data to drive in relevant decisions is a cherry on top.

6. Time your Push Notifications and Try to Incorporate

Push notifications can be extremely helpful in both re-engaging your users when pulled off in time.

7. Focus on Your Product More Than Marketing

As long as your product provides relevance and value to your users, they continue using your app.

The Wrap Up

Incorporating the aforementioned tactics will guarantee the growth of your app, the only thing that has to be done in your part is choosing the best possible data acting on it accordingly. If you found this article helpful, then do make sure to leave a comment down below, and let us know which you’d like us to cover next time.

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