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 Pocket Mobile Apps Of This Decade

“You can have all the time in the world If you have all the world in your time.”

This cliché looks tailor-made for today’s technology-driven millennium. In today’s era, one of the most significant developments in technology is the onset of mobile applications. If you are a smartphone user with apps in it, then you will agree it’s your window to the world.

There are billions of mobile applications out there on the internet, and probably there will be billions more. These mobile applications have a niche to make your life easier, loads less work on our cerebrum, and gifts us some more time to be productive!

From the time it had replaced wristwatches to today when we can go cashless! The journey is embraced with this tiny yet powerful pocket guide. Right from waking up in the morning to the union of eyelids at night, we all depend on many mobile applications for our routine, social, and even business tasks; this gadget has truly been our partner and undeniably the most indispensable unit of our life and for the right reasons!

Among the plethora of mobile applications, MAD (Mobile app diary) recognizes the role of these apps is inevitable and also different from each generation. Like the Gen Z and millennial look for better versatility and are influenced by peers while Gen X /baby boomers prefer comfort and friendly-ease while using the mobile applications. But what excels today is the “Need “of a mobile app has now trended towards the “Necessity” for the mobile app across all generations.

MAD helps you in the selection of apps for a better-customized solution by providing “App Reviews” and news on the latest global trends.

Thanks to our Industrialist Mukesh Ambani, the internet is now available at every nook of the nation with easily affordable prices; it has been truly a pillar to our CM’s dream of digital India.

The pandemic has only been proven as a catalyst in the growing market of mobile app users, which are not restricted to people in an urban area but also from users in rural areas as per the latest research by Internet and Mobile research for India (IAMAI) and Neilson.

The pandemic has made us learn that most of the desk jobs can be remotely worked from home if you have internet and apps to support.

So today let’s discuss the growth of five most pursued Apps of this decade under the crucial period of this pandemic

Pocket Mobile Apps


1. The Advent Of HealthCare / Safety Apps


  • Aarogya Setu App

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect people of India in one forum and keep them abreast about the latest developments and news amidst COVID-19 health security, better traceability of patients in the vicinity and proactively reaching out to medical support. This app is compatible with all devices.

  • Online Dr. Consultation App

With the transmitting risk involved in this COVID-19 Pandemic, Online/teleconsultation apps have emerged as a boon. As per reports on March 25, 2020, India has given relaxations to the guidelines in Telemedicine Practice and has made it legal to provide teleconsultation by medical practitioners, with certain restrictions.

Many apps such as Practo, CallDoc, Lybrate aim at user-friendly access and hassle-free video consultation with Dr to get the best advice or medical support without visiting a clinic/hospital.

What’s more! We even have apps like Medisafe specifically designed for medication reminders and vital drug interaction warnings. These apps are growing in mass popularity for making life easier among adults who are carefree and on a hectic schedule.

  • Health and Fitness Apps

For all health-conscious people who are not able to commensurate on their exercise regime due to lockdown and the outdoor risk scare the health fitness apps provides a sound solution

Amidst this pandemic chaos, there has been a surge in online apps such as Pocket yoga, 30 days fitness challenge, calorie counter, etc. which not only aims at your physical fitness but also a more holistic approach towards mind and soul peace.


2. Educational / Learning Apps

With uncertainty prevailing around the pandemic situation, the education dept. has also taken a shift to online teaching and classes, a change welcomed by many. Some of its vital features include flexibility, and it enables the students to replay the lectures which need to be revisited.

  • Byju’s

Byju’s is an educational learning app that provides virtual learning to students and offers lectures for Competitive exam preparations as well.

In early March, Byju’s announced it would provide students free access to its learning app. Since this announcement, the company says it has experienced a 60% surge in students using its products, which range from interactive video lessons and live classes to quizzes and exam preparation. Raveendran, the founder of Byju’s App, has quoted CNN Business, “This could be a turning point for the industry, ushering in increased usage of this format and changing habits in terms of how kids learn and how teachers teach.”

  • Duolingo

Duolingo, as the name suggests, is an app for learning a new language. This fun, useful app is free of service and has 35+ languages to offer. This app is being a trendsetter around the world for changing the way people learn a language. A customized app with regular updates, audio, and speech corrector features have brought viewership within a short period of launch.

  • NASA 

If your kids are deeply interested in knowing the cosmic revelations and history of the galaxy, then this App is God Send. A perfect app to your child’s curiosity. With the NASA app, your child can have access to the live feeds, the latest videos, images, and mission information of our solar system.


3. Mobile Payment Apps

The vision for Cashless India has taken a surge post the pandemic outbreak.

The digital wallet deprives the need to carry cash or cards. It thus eliminates the risk of theft or valuables being lost or even more contracting a virus through cash exchange in the current scenario!

With a high security built-up and one-time card or bank information, these mobile payment apps are not only comfortable and secure to use but also enables completely digitalized financial transactions.

  • Paytm /Google Pay/Phone Pay

A few of the best user ranked mobile apps are Google Pay, Paytm, Phone pay, etc. which has more than 100 Million installers. Paytm has emerged as India’s one of the largest mobile e-commerce platforms offering its customers a digital wallet. In contrast, Phone pay within four years of its launch has been cited as the most reliable and quickest online payment experience in India. From UPI payments to recharges, money transfers to online bill payments, these apps have indeed paved the way to build CASHLESS INDIA.

So be it your effort towards less corruption or going wallet free, whatever the reason maybe Mobile Payment Apps have niched a new wave among people in going Cashless.

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4. Online Grocery Shopping / Food Delivery Apps 

If there’s one sector that has reached its customer peak during the COVID crisis, it is an online grocery shopping and food delivery apps. Even post this pandemic scenario, it appears the need for online grocery shopping won’t be shelved.

  • Swiggy /Zomato

Buy groceries at the comfort of your home or to relish dishes through online delivery apps such as Swiggy, Zomato. You can now try cuisines from places/restaurants you would never site around even on regular days. The platter directly from the menu card to your table is the promise fulfilled by the dawn of Food delivery apps.

  • Grofers, Big Basket

With a one unit umbrella solution for all necessities the Grocery apps such as Grofers, Big Basket enables the customers to choose products among a large scale of the brand along with coverage of all daily amenities without the chaos of traveling or standing in queues, all under one click and delivery traceability and saves tons of time!

This compiles a handful of the routine Apps which have mostly seen massive growth in the past quarter amidst the coronavirus pandemic and have tremendously helped all naïve as well native users to find ease in completing their daily routine/ business works.


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