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Did you ever see a book which you would love to read yet you know that you don’t have time to read? When you go to a library, you will see a wide verity of books which you want to read, or when your friends discussing their recent reading quest that you may feel concerned to read it.

However, Do You Really Have Time To Read Anything You Want?

In this situation, you might be interested in ‘Blinkist’ application that has more than 2,000 non-fiction book summaries that you can easily read within 15 minutes.

This sounds a bit more manageable along with your schedule rather than sitting down and reading the books that you wish to read.

You may be thinking, ‘Is Blinkist Right for Me?

Well, here in this Blinkist review, We will cover everything which Blinkist offers including its cost, pros & cons and ‘who’ will get the best benefits throughout this app?

Let’s go through!

What is Blinkist?

In simple term –

“Blinkist is an application which offers exclusive non-fiction book outlines to the busy professionals.

“The team of Blinkist reads the books, figuring the key elements and explains to a listener/reader in an appropriate and easy to understand manner.

Each insight is been referred to as a ‘Blink’ and can be easily fit into some of the pages (or fewer minutes of listings).

This is really an impressive app that used to get a depth overview of few most prominent books in the market which can help improve your education or to assist you to make a decision on a specific book is worth for reading in its entirety.

The application is designed to be used on your phone, even though it can be used on a PC using their web application.

The app is accessible on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon. You can easily register for this app using Facebook account or email address.

Blinkist App Reviews

How Much Does Blinkist Cost?

You will get free and premium plans in Blinkist.

The free plan enables users to read or listen to the Blinkist everyday pick that change every day.

Blinkist app reviews basic

Blinkist helps you to try premium versions that are free for 30 days, and in case you enjoy it, you can pay $12.99/ month, or in case you wish to make an annual pledge, you only have to pay $6.67/ month. This is the best way for you to get the premium features without building a financial commitment.

Blinkist Premium Offers You Some Best Features, Which Includes:

  • Unlimited access to more than 2,000 titles and counting
  • The capability for users to learn hands-free by listening to the books
  • Highlight ideas which particularly interest you
  • Access the library offline
  • Send your books to Kindle
  • Sync your highlights alongside Evernote

What Type of Books are Offered on Blinkist?

There are 19 different book categories accessible on Blinkist. No matter what your interests are, you can easily find several values in the given categories, including:

  1. Biography & History
  2. Communication & Social Skills
  3. Corporate Culture
  4. Economics
  5. Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  6. Health & Fitness
  7. Management & Leadership
  8. Marketing & Sales
  9. Mindfulness & Happiness
  10. Money & Investments
  11. Motivation & Inspiration
  12. Parenting
  13. Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
  14. Politics & Society
  15. Productivity & Time Management
  16. Psychology
  17. Science
  18. Sex & Relationships
  19. Technology & the Future

And to provide you a preview of books that are offered. Here are 10 admired book summaries which you can find at Blinkist.

10 Blinkist Book List Titles:

  1. Eat That Frog
  2. The ONE Thing
  3. Smarter Faster Better
  4. Essentialism
  5. Flow
  6. Influence
  7. The Success Principles
  8. Awaken the Giant Within
  9. The Compound Effect
  10. Cure

Pros of the Blinkist App:

  • This application will save your time in searching the next item to read.
  • It helps you to see which topics and books you wish to concentrate and which you should avoid.
  • Blinkist can enable you to widen your observation and expose you to novel ideas and viewpoints that you would not see.
  • This is an affordable tool, especially when contrasted to buying whole books that you likely put down after some pages and choose to not finish.
  • Blinkist is provided in multiple formats, including ebook and audio.
  • No matter what sort of learner you are, you can simply discover a way to expand knowledge with Blinkist.
  • Blinkist enables you to highlight book sections that you find mainly interesting or significant and send them to your Evernote account directly.
  • This application prevents you from investing lots of time on something that wasn’t what you thought about it.
  • Using Blinkist, merely look over the Blink and help it to be an info filter to allow you to decide if you wish to read the entire book.

Cons of Blinkist:

  • With the Blinkist app, you are missing out on the whole value of having a whole book.
  • One best thing about reading a whole book is that huge writers know how to integrate stories to facilitate their readers to retain concepts.
  • Most people believe that reading in this way is “cheating.”



If you are a busy person like I am who does not have free time yet still needs to get some knowledge, then this is an exceptional application that can work as an unbelievable filter for what’s imperative to read and what should be skipped.

In conclusion, I hope this post was able to provide you a strong overview of Blinkist and all of your queries.

If you wish to have an exclusive book summary application that is simple to use, then try out the Blinkist free trial offer just now.


How does the Blinkist app work?

By the time a book in blinks makes it to you, we trust that it is a skillfully, mindfully made bundle of mind-changing insights – and you can, too.

Blinkist work in 3 simple ways –

Find a book’s most important insights
Build a structure which brings the key concepts to light
Unify it all with clear, thoughtful writing

How much does Blinkist cost?

You may try out the application for free for 30 days, then Blinkist costs you around $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Can I listen to Blinkist offline?

Yes! It is possible to read offline while using a mobile app for smartphones and tablets. To read Blinkist offline, add a book to your lib once you have internet access (via Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Can you read full books on Blinkist?

Blinkist is not a replacement for reading full books, yet it can act as a useful buddy when combined with full-length reads.

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