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Block Puzzle App Review Rating by Mobileappdiary

This is a Simple yet addictive puzzle game that’ll definitely help you pass time. This game has unique mode that allows you to select game type, choose block types and create your own boards for game, the best part is; this game is suitable for all ages.

Move the blocks and fill the cells on the board, that’s all you have to do. Note that the blocks cannot be rotated. You cannot move the blocks installed on the board. The game has its own uniqueness – the custom game mode – user mode, through which you can create your own levels. You can create any number of your own levels for the game. The game will end, if there are no places on the board to place figures.

Block Puzzle has no time limit and doesn’t require Internet connection. Enjoy the simple and addictive puzzle game with blocks of various shapes for you will be available: blocks, bubbles, hexa, jewels, and triangles. You can play anytime and anywhere! Your task in the game score as many points as possible!

Rated with an average score of 4.3 in the Play Store, this game definitely deserves a shot at downloading.

Block Puzzle has Three Game Modes:

Block Puzzle game three stages

1. Classic

In this mode, color does not matter at all. Horizontal or vertical rows assembled from blocks are destroyed. All you need to do is collect complete vertical or horizontal lines.

2. Match 3 (Three in a row)

In this mode, three and more blocks of one color collected in a row are destroyed.The more blocks for destruction will be collected at a time, the more points you get for the destruction.

3. Custom

A unique mode that allows you to select game a mode, choose block types and create your own boards on a individual basis.

Block Puzzle Game Features:

Block Puzzle Game App screen

• Ability to create your own levels

Custom mode is something that you should lookout for in this app. It lets you create your own levels, which means you’ll be having complete control over everything.

• Various types of blocks

The game offers 4 types of blocks (circle/stone, bubble, triangle, hexagon, and square/block). These blocks show up according to the level you are on.

• Ability to select figure shapes for the game

Personalization is one of the best aspects of this game as it allows you select various figure shapes to make your game look more pleasing.

• Ability to change game background color

Unlike any other game, Block Puzzle gives you the control of your game should look. So, do make sure to play around with colors and enjoy every single second of the game.

• Colorful graphic

Everybody likes a good looking app, but we like games more than apps when they look stunning and pleasing at the same time because for us experience matter the most, and that’s what Block Puzzle is dedicated towards.

• Smooth animation

Is there anything better than a smooth functioning app? If you said no! Then you are wrong because games with smooth animation are something casual gamers would die for. Block Puzzle offers its users with smooth animated graphics that don’t lag no matter what.

About Block Puzzle App

• Simple and convenient control

Complications are one those things that Block Puzzle don’t possess. Yes! This game is hands down one of the simplest games ever built. All you have to do is swipe and that’s it, you are done.

• Optimized for tablets and phones

If own a tablet or anything else of that sort, don’t worry you can still play this game to the best of its ability. Being a casual game, its developers did a great thing making it optimized for tablets along with phones.

• Game with no time limit

Most casual games out there have time limits in their levels, but that is something you won’t find in this game. There is no time limit whatsoever, which means you can play this game for hours without any issues.

• Clear and simple rules

What makes this game more interesting is the fact that it only has a handful of rules that are simple and clear and can be understood without any hassle.

• Free of charge

Unlike most games that manipulate users to buy their games with in-app purchase or pay to remove ads, this game is absolutely free. Yes! You don’t have to pay a single dime to play this game.

• You can play offline in anytime

Ever since the dawn of cheap internet, most games require internet, but that doesn’t mean Block Puzzle is amongst those game. This feature makes this game quite unique. Since there is no internet, it means there won’t be even a single ad shown to you whenever you connect to the internet,

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