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Bodia app reviewYour chill and out of Sleep night is not just limited to pizza, or Netflix, for that matter. Bodia a Curated food delivery app, delivering food from your favorite restaurants and chains to your door, with only a few taps on your phone and roughly as long as that old pizza standby.
Bodia is helping you from anywhere to locate and order food. You look, you can order online, it can help you to discover restaurants near you, or seek the tasty taking food. You will select the food you want to buy and order online or via the Bodia app with one spot for each taste.

Bodia Curated Food Delivery App

Benefits of Bodia App:

• Bodia has the benefit of providing a better service for your clients as contrasted with buying on the internet.
• Bodia makes it very easy for its customers to look at the menu, pick the element they find interesting and check the price of the food.
• Once they’ve chosen to order and pay through internet banking, debit / credit card, mobile wallet, or even cash on delivery options, they can choose anywhere.
• In brief, it’s a mobile food app that offers the clients an easy and hassle-free way to request, pay and get the food right at your house.

Buy What You Need:

• It offers better deals and promotions (according to the location) than its competitors.
• Quite a helpful customer service department that solves your complaints quite soon.
• The built-in food search engine works very well.
• A number of food filters are included in the device. Restaurants can be sorted on the basis of offered discounts.
• Offers food supply service at late-night.
• You can text him or her, and can also send a message to the delivery person.
• Order quality food from local restaurants, from all the best in the area.
• Pizza, Burger, fruit, and much more. New foods with several cuisines around you are always there to taste.
• Dinner and brunch from your loved places. Order your favorite food at restaurants Melbourne-Sydney.

Easy Food Delivery:

• You can receive deliveries quickly and efficiently, even during busy vacations and working days.
• Get the delivery directly to your doorstep with additional premium dining services available in about 32 minutes.

Services of Bodia App:

Bodia provides one of the incredibly good food services for cooks, delivery boys and clients. As the customer orders a product, Chef plans and sets delivery meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The delivery boy delivered food to the predefined phone of the customer within a specified time period. You will display meal menus through the framework for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bodia app allows you to choose from a variety of restaurants, like fast foods (for example McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell), famous franchises or fine dining and everything in between.

Tech Stack of Bodia App:

Bodia Tech Stack


Previously, food was delivered by a phone call or delivered individually. Afterward, people begin to order food through dedicated restaurant websites with the emergence of online business opportunities.
Yet companies have started investing in a mobile app for their firms so that they can easily access their services.

Website Link : www.bodia.in 

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