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Respondent: Shahid Mansuri
• Company: Peerbits
• Designation: CEO
• Website: www.peerbits.com
• Email Id: [email protected]
• Phone No: +91 95740 78295
• Address: B/701, Siddhi Vinayak Towers, Off S.G.Road, Makarba, Ahmedabad-380051
• LinkedIn CEO : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mansurishahid

About CEO :

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development company the USA, in 2011 which provides Software development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

1. Let’s begin with the introduction to your company and your role within it

Peerbits is a mobile application development company that offers its services to its global clientele, which includes government agencies, start-ups, technology consultancies, and SMEs. Peerbits has a presence in seven countries: India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, USA, Germany, and Brazil.

I am the co-founder and CEO of the company. I am responsible for the company’s short and long term strategy development. I evaluate work done by the executive leaders. I also ensure that Peerbits maintains social responsibility while doing its work, assessment & minimizing risks, and defining strategic objectives for the company.

2. What was the concept behind beginning this organization?

The other co-founders of the company and I are incredibly passionate about IT. So, the concept behind beginning this organization was to translate that passion into top-notch software development services simply. We all have an aspiration of becoming a leading software development company that renders high-quality solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

3. What are the core services you provide to your clients?

The core services we offer are of mobile app development along with many other associated services such as chatbot, IoT, Enterprise Development, Wearable, Cloud Integration, QA, web development, prototyping, UX strategy, visual design, and branding.

4. What’s your strategy in creating interactive UX/UI of apps and websites?

I firmly believe that UI/UX plays a significant role in delivering top-notch native app experience to the users. Its role becomes even bigger when we talk about hybrid app development. The current trend of UI/UX is minimalism. User experience, in a nutshell, is to deliver all the things which are necessary, essential, and beautiful.

5. Explain how your team communicates and works collaboratively?

For communication, we use Teamwork.com which is a third-party tool. In this, we create an account for the client with the help of his email ID. All the official communication between our team and the client takes place on this platform. The client has the option to communicate either by his email directly or on the teamwork platform.
We also use Skype and WhatsApp for instant communication. However, all the minutes of that communication are documented on the teamwork platform.

6. Tell us about the way your company manages projects from scratch to completion and handover!

The first stage is a handshake meeting that takes place between the BA and the client. In this client describes all his requirements for the project. Once completed, our team performs a concept analysis in which it studies all the requirements in detail and finally comes up with a prototype.

After that, the client gives feedback for the prototype if required and we make the necessary amendments.
The next is the designing stage, in which our designing team sends a questionnaire to the client. After receiving his response, the team then comes up with a few sample designs. These samples then undergo a client’s scrutiny. After a few rounds of feedback and amendments, the client approves the final design.

Development is the next stage, wherein the project manager defines the project plan, which includes different milestones (deadlines) for each development stage.

After that, our team comes up with a demo that is shown to the client. The client gives feedback if required and the team works on them. Finally, they come up with a final demo that goes for testing. The QA tests it and ensures that there are no bugs in it.

Once QA approves it, the final demo is shown to the client, and after his approval, the deployment takes place. We provide 3-months of warranty after deployment to ensure that the app works properly.
We also provide and support and maintenance services to the client after deployment, which is optional and chargeable.

7. What is your organization’s business model– third party vendors/outsourcing or in house team?

Peerbits has a team of over 100 dedicated professionals, which includes developers, business analysts, designers, and marketers. All our professionals are experienced and skilled individuals that have the capability to manage projects of any size.

We have always believed in rendering client satisfaction at the utmost level. And that’s why we ensure constant communication with our clients to understand their requirements in detail. Our team is available 24*7 to solve any kind of query from the client’s end.

8. Give your views on how far this mobile app insurgence can bring a difference in the technology era?

In today’s day and age, mobile applications have become our extended limbs. Mobile applications provide us with freedom in the absolute form. For example, I can talk to my clients over Skype who is sitting in a different continent or hemisphere. This was just one example, you can find a plethora of other examples from your personal and professional life where we heavily dependent on mobile applications to do our tasks. In the coming years, you will see an increase in our dependency on mobile apps as we keep exploring innovative methods to incorporate various tasks with mobile applications.

9. Describe your future potential and vision about new technologies, such as Blockchain & IoT apps?

IoT and Blockchain are the technologies that will dominate in our future. And as a visionary enterprise, we are looking forward to focussing on both of these technologies. We are already hiring skilled and dedicated professionals for these technologies. Moreover, we are also aware of the shortcomings of both of these technologies and are working hard to resolve it.

10. What are the core aspects that you consider ahead of choosing the price of an application?

There are many factors that we consider while determining the price of applications. Mainly, they are the complexity of a project, multiple language support, roles/numerous actors in the app, skilled resources, and platform-native or hybrid.

Not only this, when we had a word with Mr. Aaquil Khan Pathan, the Vice-Present t of Peer bits, we got to know a lot of new things.

Interview with Mr. Aaquil Khan Pathan Vice-President of Peerbits




Recently the team of MAD has taken an interview with Mr. Aaquil Khan Pathan, Vice-President of Peerbits. In this interview, he described how Peerbits become one of the leading mobile app development companies and that’s why we want to know more about him and the company. He shared his best experience with the team of Peerbits and how they successfully delivered the results in various sectors. He also told about his struggle before becoming the vice-president of Peerbits. This interview helps us to know more about the company and its proud member Mr. Aaquil Khan Pathan.

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