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The era we are living in is being extensively dominated by smartphones and mobile applications. For that reason itself, businesses across the globe are doing their best to launch their own application just to promote the products and services. For that reason itself, this question has been around here quite a while now and it is probably the most frequently asked questions in the app Development industry.

Nowadays every single thing comes at a price and when it comes to creating an intuitive application, you’ll have to pay according to what you are looking for. So it would be right to say that the cost for application development “depends” on exactly what kind of business venture you are indulged in.

With that being said, you might have two questions in mind: “how much does it cost to make an app? And what does the price depends on? Apparently you can search this questions on the internet, but the answers you will get are making more than a marketing move just to attract your attention.

Major Aspects That Decide The Cost For App Development

So, to help you out the best possible way we have mention some major aspects that determine the cost of mobile application, so do make sure to check them out.

1. The costs of mobile app development in India are largely based on complexity, features, and platform.

– Ecommerce integration (basics, advanced or enterprise) – Apps with back-end maintenance will almost always cost more.

– Simple apps for one platform will start around $25,000. – More complex apps cost six figures but can push up over $100,000.

– Cost of an app also vary on extra features, Type of Mobile API and CRM integrations – Don’t overlook to budget for marketing, updates, and other costs.

2. The app development cost depends on the following aspects:

– Type of the app- mobile game, business, and social networking, etc – Number of Screens

– CRM integrations – Platforms -iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

– Design (basic, individual, custom) – Features & infrastructure

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Tips To Make An App At Low Cost

1. Plan accordingly

For starters you will have to brainstorm your idea with your teammates and try to filter out all the possibilities of failure. The whole process of my life development is quite a complex process to begin with. Not only it requires time but it also requires resources. Planning out your app development in advance will help you make out an inexpensive proposition. Always remember, whenever you brainstorm your idea with your teammates you will get a lot more ideas to start your work with. You will get another person’s perspective about your own thoughts.

2. Put that idea down on paper

Mobile app development requires a lot of code writing which makes complete sense to try it out by making a sketch. Sketches can help you decide what your app is going to look like and will provide insights to the developer. By doing so, your developer will get a idea of what you are looking for in your application and what kind of interface you want in the first place.

The sketches will help your developer in designing your application and its workflow in such a way so that you get satisfied no matter what. Your sketch will help him to consume less time in completing your job which ultimately reduce the overall cost of mobile app development.

3. Choose an appropriate platform

Your mobile app development process can turn out to be expensive if you are a Startup. But there are great chances to reduce that cost, and for that, you have to choose the right platform for your mobile application. Brands and businesses are doing their best to make apps for both IOS and Android platforms. Now, considering the fact that you are on a budget it would be better to make an application for only one platform instead of going for both of them.

Making application for two platforms will cost you as much as developing it for a single platform. Therefore, always make sure to find out which platform is preferred by your target audience. Once that is confirmed uses of to build an application for that platform to maximize your return of investment.

4. Outsource your app development project

At first, it seems like a good idea to build your application in house, you will have great control over your development and design process. But, we are sorry to tell you that it can turn out to be very costly.

Whenever you outsource your development process you have to pay them by the earth while developing application. Whereas, in in-house app development, you will have to pay your App developers of fixed salary irrespective of the hours they have used to develop your application.

5. Keep up with the trend

Outsourcing Anna development process is also beneficial when it comes down to integrating new technologies. The point is, you will get access to a wide range of options, templates, and frameworks which the world is using nowadays.

Not only that but if you consider treating them up according to your needs, you can make your app development process faster while reducing the overall cost.

6. Try not to make any complications

This is the point where most of the companies get carried away and try to implement as many things as possible application. The point is whenever you to add something extra in your application it will cost you more. Besides it can make your app slow. It is highly recommended to focus only on those points that are important for your business and your mobile application.

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