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In today’s time, the latest technologies have become an important part of the day to day lives that is impacting the individual lives competently The innovation of mobile app technology has arrived with advancements that help job seekers to get the job of their choice at their fingertips through a mobile app. From the past few years, people are feeling more confident and secure due to the evolution of job-seeking apps, as playing a key position and supporting students and knowledgeable professionals to chase the favored job based on their qualifications and practices in the preferred field.

In this highly competitive marketplace finding a job is unquestionably a boring task. You cannot call each and every corporation for sending your resume. Certainly, websites such as Indeed, Naukri.com, have helped the users to seek their preferred jobs but ultimately, the tech generation is now seeking ahead for more reliable and faster solutions.
Undoubtedly the setting of the mobile app business is covering all the spheres and thus people are now looking for some more reliable ways options in order to hit upon the correct business organization. However, creating a job search mobile app is a hard task, so it is always recommended that you start with the services which users will certainly admire.

So, in this write up you will find out the basic structural design of a job search mobile app along with the best features, and cost related to the development.

Important Features of Best Job Search Apps:

Let’s have a look at the main features of the Job Searching Application

1. User Panel Features

Sign Up/Login:

Sign up or login is the primary section of the job application on which the user lands on. From this page, the user can sign-up or login to the job portal. The user can also use the app with their social media accounts or through their Google account ID as well.

Resume Writing:

This is certainly one of the important features of a job app. In this section, the user can edit their resume by using standard writing tools. This segment is another feature that the job application or the website provides the user. Through this feature, the job seeker can make simpler the job of resume writing.

Filter Option:

The job seekers can upload their resume on the online job portals and at the same time can use various filters in the job search by selecting the right position, years of experience and the area of their knowledge.
Send Resume: Through these job search applications the users can in a straight line can send their resumes to the companies of their choice and can find relevant jobs relevant to the area their expertise and they can look for more openings as well.

A. Job Search Filters: The mobile application helps the user in finding the job according to own parameters. It is easier to search for the job in the way required. They can set the place where they want to join the job; they can set the type of job convenience for them.

B. Saving a Job: This is certainly one of the significant features that liked by most of the users in the job application. Users can also save or bookmark the job for upcoming use.

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Job Alert Services:

The app offers its users with alert services. In case you are searching for a job then you can choose an option to create a Job alert. The alert helps you to find the job of your choice.

2. Recruiter Panel

Sign Up/Login:

The signup or login page of the app is the same for both the candidate user and the recruiter. The process of getting aboard on the app for recruiters is similar as for the users.

Posting of the Job:

In this posting section, the recruiters can post their requirements as per the number of vacancies. They know the necessary job skills needs for the position.
A. Job Invites: It is one of the best features in which the job recruiter can send the job invites to the preferred candidate they believe. Consequently, they can ask the users for setting up the interviews through a call or email with them for moving ahead.
B. Email Jobs: Through these applications, the recruiters can also send emails to the desired candidates for that vacancy.
C. Resume Filtering: It one of the very significant jobs for the recruiter to join up only the preferred resume which carries forward the necessary knowledge of the candidate and matches the job condition.
Resume Download: The job Recruiters also have the power to download the resume of the candidate if they want. After downloading the resume they can examine it therefore and can schedule a meeting with the candidate.
D. Payment Process: To enjoy the supreme features of the application the recruiter can upgrade their job to premium services. The recruiters can alter the payment plans and options as well. They can also make alterations in the services they require and also they can delete them as well when needed.

Know More About the Job Search Android App Development Cost:

Well, there are several factors that you need to be considered to settle the cost of app development such as type of data storage, interface, app size, app developer, and app features and company location and a lot of more.
The standard cost of the Best job search apps ranges from $5000 to $52000 and there may be additional benefits for superior features like Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, and IoT solutions.
So, in case you are planning to develop an influential job portal app development, then connect with a leading app development company focused highly on effectual and quality work.


Using job finder application for searching Jobs online added drastic user experience. A user will always have the opportunity to outlook all the job vacancies and from screening those to choose the one that congregates their qualification.
Nowadays people are using mobile apps for almost every task and it is important to say mobile applications are changing the way we look at our day to day activities. To stay ahead, you also need to be informed with the latest technologies that will help you make a job finder app like Naukri.com to hire experienced and passionate individuals through this technology.

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