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Social media have for a while become a common feature but have become an integral part of it only recently. Every day, millions of people all over the world check their mobile phones first in the morning, several times a day, and last before going back to sleep.
Social media is not just a place to talk and comment about their pictures of their birthday.
It’s even a place to have fun for people. It’s a place where people expect the news. The brands and customers are also here to reach them.
Currently, most people use social media platforms to access their Smartphones. It holds a market share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nonetheless, the market is constantly being dominated by new apps such as TikTok, which even change game rules and the rules.
Designs are essential for such social media applications, apart from the development of the various features and overall mobile apps like Instagram. User interface and user experience are included in the device designs. In general, a team of graphic designers performs this task in mobile app development companies. To bring the best of your application, you use several methods and methodologies. The whole look of a mobile app depending on the project takes a dedicated graphical design team approximately 60-70 hours.

Social Media App Market:

A social media app may appear to be a poor idea at first in 2019. After all, there are so many options on the market already. For social media apps, Smartphone users now have a wide option.
Most giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter prefer to settle down with the flow. However, some users seek a niche solution more suitable for their lifestyle, interests, and hobbies. Why not provide a personalized solution to this audience and turn it into the next Facebook?
How can an app be created that not only becomes noticed but also stimulates the attention of the public? You should first of all research the competition when you think about the cost to design a social media app. The innovative idea for the app is good, but it is not enough to start developing a new product.
Before any app development activities begin, you must have a complete business strategy in place. Base your strategy on an in-depth market analysis. Discover anything you can about your target audience. You never know what information your next campaign might need to update or market.
Next, build strategies to retain the customers, get interested and sustain them. Build your own business strategy to differentiate you from the rivals. It must be difficult to copy this function. We don’t say “impossible,” because technology cannot be copied, reproduced, or stolen nowadays is highly presumptuous.
It is not necessary for people to have only one social media account. Such social media are also related to enhancing the user experience. So your mobile application also has to link your users to other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. In the context, your employed developer connects user accounts to other social media via the OAuth tool. The best app developers do not require up to eight to ten hours of effort.

Social Media App MVP Development Cost:

It is best to start developing your MVP project, based on the best practices and Lean approach in mobile app growth. A product that is not at all viable will help you see if your concept meets the expectations of the target audience, the response and involvement of consumers in the product and your marketing success.
The results obtained from the MVP study can then be applied to the marketing and development activities. The MVP app is also a great tool for creating leads to support the right audience.
A simple 10-screen MVP app, which is required in a quarter, is probably much cheaper than an advanced 10-screen application in one month.

The Following Features May Be Provided To A Social Media App With MVP:

features provided to a social media app

• Sign up
• Personal Profile
• Private Messages
• Post Feature
• Feed
• Search
• Comment Feature
• Groups

With the above functionalities, the cost to develop a social media app would around $22,000 for a basic MVP application. This is a one-device MVP app that we talk about.

It will probably take two to three months to develop. The price includes UI / UX design, software design, project management, quality assurance, and business analysis.

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We will tell you about an MVP that has more features but is not extremely sophisticated but costs more. We would like to build an MVP application with more features and a more complex 1-2 platform architecture.
The development will take four to six months, and the product that contains additional features and services will cost about $45,000. The price comprises UI / UX design, custom development, project management, quality assurance as well as analysis for business.
If you want to create a sophisticated social media app with sophisticated functionality, design, and support for two and more channels, you cannot expect it at a low price. This project is expected to cost more than $115,000 in social media app development costs.
The costs include UI / UX design, custom design, project management, and quality assurance. Complex and sophisticated projects are usually supported and continuous technology needs are constantly increasing the social media app development costs.
Remember that for information purposes only, the numbers above are intended. Until a development company evaluates your project accurately, the actual development and final costs cannot be determined.
To do this, they will consult with a business analyst and the development team. The hourly rates or fixed price can vary based on your chooser, its position and the extent of its expertise.


In 2020, it is not easy to develop a social media app that will catch the attention of Smartphone users. The great opportunities that it provides, however, make this daunting route interesting and enticing.

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