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Credit-Debit-app Review

Businesses spend lots of their time maintaining and keeping records of their due balances with their customers and suppliers. Their main concern is how to get timely payment from their customers.

Credit Debit is an app that aims to help the business keep track of its debtors and creditors and can track recover their due amounts faster. The app maintains all your credit, debit, ledger accounts and much more and also lets you add a remark for every transaction for later.

It includes phrases or sections that are easy to understand even by a normal person. Such sections include Lena, Dena, udhar bahi khata, investments, and any other monetary transactions.

This app is ideal for small businesses, shopkeepers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors and even for college-going students. The age is not a factor to use this app; just you should be able to understand everything right!


Credit debit is simple and easy to use app with which users can record their credit and debit transactions with their customers. The app maintains transaction history which can be shared with customers either completely or date wise along with other details such as bills and notes.

Users can also call or send payment reminders along with full transaction details to their customers.Thishelps in getting timely repayment of dues.

Credit-Debit-AppUsers can also send transaction details to the party after each transaction.Reports can be generated in both pdf and excel format.

It is very normal to forget a payment whether of collecting an order or making one and this turns out to be bad debts in terms of accounting. So, to escape you from such problems, credit-debit is the solution for it.

With all accounts and their current balance on the dashboard, it only takes a glance to know how much an account owes to you or you owe to that account.

Users can choose to save their data in their Google Drive folder and the app will automatically keep saving their data.

Apart from all these features, the app provides you some better additional features to like:

  • Data can also be saved locally in the device.
  • The app is enabled with Email password and Fingerprint password protection.
  • The app Can be used offline.


How does the app work?

  • The app is easy to understand and all you need to do is simply install the app from the store.
  • You can login to the app from your social media account or your email account.
  • You will go through a few questions and will receive an OTP for the verification.
  • After every step is complete, you are good to go and you can use the app.

For every transaction updated on the app, you will be notified with a text message and the other party will also receive the details of the transaction.

Data and Privacy protection:

User data is stored either in the user’s device or in the Google Drive folder so that no one can else access their data apart from you.

They offer you a widget that can be added to the home screen for faster and easy transaction entry.

Dashboard is easy, simple and all accounts with their current balances are accessible right from there. So, you can easily know where your money has to come and where you need to pay.

The app has made very easy to know the creditors and debtors as they grant you separate tabs for credit and debit. Just tap on the account in the list to add transactions for that account.

Also, you can write a 100-word narration and the access to save photo of a bill, receipt and more. Moreover, transaction entries can be easily edited.

The app is best for every kind of business and personal use, so give it a try.

Minimum SDK version supported: 19 (4.4 Kit Kat and up)

Current version– 186

Size– 11MB

Installs– 100,000+

Updated: 3 March 2020

App Download Link:


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