Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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From the last some time, Facebook is working on the Dark mode feature in their mobile app. One of the first apps which use this Dark mode feature is Facebook-owned Instagram. But there is an issue that’s why Facebook isn’t still ready to launch its full-fledged dark mode option for its mobile app. From the latest reports, it is found that Facebook is trying to update this dark mode feature for the Facebook Android app from the last few months, but things are moving at a very slow speed in terms of progress.

Yet from the reports of Android Police, it is observed that lots of people start using this new dark mode of the Facebook app as they have seen this is their app. But still, it is not clear from the Facebook officials that when this feature is available for everyone.


The users of Facebook have sent various screenshots of having this new feature and from these screenshots, it would easily be suggested that Facebook is not still clear about this and it is probably waiting ton solve certain issues before launching it for everyone. From the screenshots, it can also be identifying that Facebook is not providing a full black dark mode like we have seen on Instagram. Instead of the black dark mode, the Facebook app will provide a greyish dark mode for its Android app. The greyish dark mode is just similar to the Lights Out mode that was introduced by Twitter.

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One thing that we all should be think about that one day ago WhatsApp also able to deliver its highly-anticipated dark mode for Android users. Yet the dark mode is not true black, but it helps in reducing the strain on the eye in the dark environments. As before this mode, it is not possible for users to use WhatsApp in the dark environment, so this feature provides them accessibility as well as protection to their eyes.

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At present, it can’t be said how much time Facebook will take to deliver its dark theme for Android users. Those people are very lucky who have been able to access this feature but still, that was unfinished. The Dark mode of Facebook isn’t yet ready to work as it is working on its perfection. It is confirmed from the Facebook officials that very soon we all are able to use the dark theme as it doesn’t take too much time to update this feature for every Android user.

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