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Guide To Develop A Restaurant Mobile App

Mobile technology takes over the industry through the wind. This has changed the way restaurants used to traditionally operate. In the last few years, the market share of online restaurant mobile apps has increased, leading to an increase in demand for mobile app growth in restaurants.

Why Do People Use The Restaurant Mobile App?

According to a survey conducted by Statista, the top reasons for using a restaurant app is to monitor menus and costs, test operating hours, and look for restaurants close by.

The key objective of developing best restaurant mobile apps has also shifted. Looking at more recent studies and statistics, we can see these changes in focus from using apps to view information, to using it to communicate actively with restaurants themselves.

There are two main usage spheres according to the restaurant app statistics. Nearly 30 percent of customers use them to order food online, and 23.8 percent turn to these apps to book their favorite restaurants with them. If you decide you want to create a restaurant app that will be in high demand among users and help improve the customer experience, these aspects should be considered.

Restaurant Mobile App

Would You Need Mobile App Development For Restaurants?

A clear answer to this is yes. There are various popular apps for food aggregators on the web, for example, Zomato, Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. However, these applications for food ordering will charge you between 20-30 percent for each order somewhere.

There are many popular business implementations and you can be a part of one. But, it’s better to develop your app so you can reap additional benefits and become a brand.

So, creating a dedicated online restaurant ordering system is better & reaping the benefits of establishing yourself as a brand.

Why Do You Need To Invest In A Restaurant App?

Everybody is restless nowadays and needs to get access to any and everything within a single press. It means that offering the consumers more comfort would help you push more sales.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in the restaurant industry by meeting customer needs, then the only option is an online food ordering app. This will also help you improve restaurant sales and maximize customer service. If you don’t want to invest much time and energy in developing a restaurant app from the ground up, consider a restaurant app builder or food ordering app on demand.

Okay, this is a pure substitute. But before we get to the answer, the bells of your head will ring out a question.

Advanced Features of Restaurant App:

Restaurant Panel:

Expect functionalities as follows:

  • Choosing and modifying the menu according to new deals and rising consumer demands
  • A notification feature that sends messages concerning new promotional offers, opening and closing times, etc.
  • The opportunity to watch the status of customer orders – so restaurant owners are aware of orders that take too long to schedule to respond and ensure quality customer service
  • An organizational segment to help owners assess the working workforce and capital
  • An opportunity for messaging where the restaurant can connect with customers to address their questions and concerns
  • Several gateways to payment from online banking, collection cash or credit/debit card payments
  • Multiple language support to ease customers further
  • Rewards program – a feature in which consumers create a discount code after making an order via the application. It will allow them to take another look at the food ordering software and use the coupon.


Admin Panel:

A restaurant app’s admin panel varies from the one the customer uses – this is how it deals with the backroom facilities.

It has the characteristics of:

  • A backup and restore feature allowing the organization to keep the records secure
  • A location management feature that informs all its delivery personnel about the real-time movements
  • A message function which updates customers on the exact delivery time and payment required
  • A system which manages publicity campaigns and promotions
  • A group control framework that lets executives evaluate their specific company processes to increase their performance
  • A password system to protect the database from unauthorized staff, since it restricts access only to those who know the password
  • The panel will also provide details about all clients, suppliers and other business partners so that restaurants can submit customized company and promotional emails


Driver Panel:

The driver panel should have the following characteristics:

  • A dedicated section for all orders and their positions, so that the delivery man can make deliveries more organized and fuel-efficient
  • An in-app updates option to alert the driver if any new order has been issued in his vicinity.
  • Order history tab showing required payments
  • The delivery notice portion will also be incorporated into the specification, which ensures the owner aware of the precise time at which all deliveries were made. It will help the restaurant organize its workforce and monitor the full delivery mechanism.



How A Restaurant App Will Benefit Your Business?

Benefits of having a Restaurant business mobile app are:

  1. You get access to a large client base using a Smartphone app
  2. You can target the young & millennials as your customers through your online restaurant ordering platform
  3. To meet a larger market in their regional regions
  4. Notify clients by push notification
  5. Increase the Online Presence of Restaurants
  6. Internet buying program free of hazelnuts
  7. Review Status of Order
  8. Run Customer Loyalty Programs
  9. Governing cash flow
  10. Catch up on delivery


As home deliveries continue to increase, apps have become an essential tool for restaurants to increase sales and profitability.

Acting with an electronic delivery site for third parties is not necessarily the cheapest choice – some of these sites will charge up to a 30 percent premium to allow these deliveries.

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