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People always try to get connected. Discord app to Chatting with friends or using video calls for communicating with family members on WhatsApp or working remotely stay in touch with people by Slack or Microsoft Teams are common platforms. Gamers are also similar and they also use different platforms to get in chat with friends.   

In earlier ages, gamers used to chat through various chat support mediums such as VOIP or X-Fire servers including Ventrilo, Mumble, or TeamSpeak. Things are changed and advancements in technology change the demands. Nowadays, gamers required a unique platform like Discord to communicate and discuss altogether their game performance. 

What is Discord App?

Discord  app is generally a free-to-use software for gamers to communicate with friends and teammates via voice calls, video calls, and text messages. If you have considered Slack at your workplace, then as a gamer you would definitely be addicted to Discord for its vast features and gaming-minded specifications.  

This is a multi-platform supportive software that can be used anywhere any time. You can download and use this software for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and even Linux. Gamers can adopt this application directly in any web browser without downloading the file. You can chat with your friends privately or on a group via a server. It enables you to share messages, screen, voice chat, and even video calls. Discord app allows you to choose-

  • Identify who block you
  • Identify whom you add friend and who add you as a friend
  • On which servers you are on
  • Show you persons who join your created servers
  • You can know who text you

How to Start Using Discord?

After downloading Discord software on your device, you have to register your account. While setting up an account on this free to use the application, you will be recommended to give a secure and strong password. Then you will be asked to put two-factor authentication to secure your account from any hackers and cybercrime activities.  After logging in process, you can access then different types of features from its settings menu. In the left bottom corner, you will get a ‘cog icon’ from where you can change all settings menu. 

This settings menu facilitates different features including authorized apps, video settings, privacy settings, and key bindings, etc.   Hence, we would suggest you fix your Discord settings then go to scan direct messages. 


Find and Add Discord Friends

When you will start this app you will find an option of ‘friends’ and a green-colored big button ‘Add Friend’ on the home page. Select that button and then ask your friends about their Discord tag to add them to your server. This Discord tag consists of a username with a # and four-digit number, for example, devinemaker#2522

Another easiest way to make friends on Discord is to right-click them at the time remaining online together on a server then you just need to click the ‘Add Friend’ option.   

Chatting with Friends

Once adding friends to a server you will get a chance to start chatting. On the left-hand side, you need to click on your friends and there you can send messages. Here you will also get options of video calling and voice calling. Hence, Discord will provide you immense opportunity to communicate and chat with your playmates on one single server. 

Process of Creating Discord server

You can freely create Discord servers. Therefore, you will have a choice to develop your server that where you can add your friends to chat and communicate. You have to follow these underlined steps to create your own Discord server- 

  1. Login to Discord
  2. Then select the green plus symbol that remains on the left-hand side corner and then choose the ‘create a server’ option.
  3. At the top, under the server’s name, you will see a drop-down menu, there you will get accessibility of server settings. 


In the end, we can say Discord is a new trend set by the gamers to stay in touch with game mates during gaming. However, the above-mentioned writing will help you to join Discord, communicate with friends, and moreover will help you to create your own Discord server. 

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