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Ecommerce Is Augmenting In
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E-commerce has reached to the pinnacle point which has emphasized its existence to every organisations. It has established the potential foster the growth from small-scale enterprise to large-scale enterprise. Whether it’s a developing or developed country, it has redefined the broad spectrum of brick and mortar retail.

While quality of the product has received the predominance but what if the product could not establish engagement, then it would certainly be in the twinkle of an eye. With its multitudinous advantages such as convenience, enhanced search engine visibility, reduced cost of inventory management, competence, various expectations are attached to alleviate the disadvantages that are more likely to trigger in brick and mortar retail.

How Fluper is an Expert in Delivering
Business Value?

At Fluper, we understand the benefits of ecommerce and with the help of qualified and skilled mobile apps we integrate cutting edge technology that can correspond the pace of proliferation of ecommerce. Complying to deliver delighted shopping experience, we create an e-commerce mobile app that can satisfy the business, industry and end-users.

Amazing User Experience

Keeping the original perspective of ecommerce, our Developers deliver a real-time model across every channel in order to elevate the customer experience.


We believe that apart from delivering amazing user experience, earning revenue is another motive of fabricating revenue.

Uncluttered Navigation

Our UI/UX designers are experienced and understand that seamless navigation is important in order to display the brand in an impressive manner.

Integration of Security

ITo alleviate the probability of getting the data compromised, we take every step of securing POS with a trustworthy integration of payment gateway.

Competitive price

We believe that e-commerce is important to augment visibility and wider reach. But our solutions are accessed at affordable price without jeopardising the quality of app.

Seamless integration with Play Store

We ensure that the app is seamlessly integrated by following alluring guidelines of respective App Stores where it really doesn’t need any time and money in order to start from the scratch.

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Why Is It Important?

The world is transforming rapidly where starting and maintaining the business is no longer a complex task. While traditional brick and mortar stores are still prevailing in the agile competition while losing prevalence each passing day. The grand scheme that has been offered by e-commerce is gradually overtaking the concept of conventional way of running business. Even those major retailers are gradually scaling down the physical operation in order to elevate the advantages of e-commerce.

Apart from targeting niche market, it has been beneficial to gather data on customer behaviour which has further revitalized with the alliance of some key factors of innovation, technological advancement and satisfying the demand of active customers.

Services That We Offer

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while developing ecommerce mobile app?

How much will it cost?

The cost of mobile apps depends upon the features and functionalities you are intending to integrate. First discuss with us your business idea. We will be sharing our experience as well as suggestion in order to launch MVP. We do not believe in hidden fees or any sort of extra cost. We offer free consultation for your app.

How much time will it take to get started?

We will start creating your mobile app, the moment we hear the concept from you. And we are here to reshape your idea integrating cutting edge technology with expertise possessed by our Mobile App Designers and developers to yield the best out of your ecommerce mobile app.

Do you provide scalable infrastructure?

We believe that front-end is crucial, similarly the back-end makes the difference between personalised user experience and frustration. Scalable infrastructure plays an important role which allows to accommodate unexpected loads and alleviates degradation of user experience which results into abandoned carts and reduced sales.

Is your solution secured?

We maintain every security measures since we believe that security plays an essential role in the process of Development and growth as well.

What steps would you take to provide an amazing user experience?

Features along with your business idea establishes the fortune of the app. We incorporate intrigue UI/UX in order to offer hassle-free and Auto real-time store sync with security updates to protect the app from bugs and hackers. We incorporate powerful dashboard to monitor the number of app downloads and user behaviour as well so that the ultimate essence of ecommerce app is maintained along with its long-run survival.

What steps you would take to reduce app abandonment rates?

Our each step is reckoned by comprehensive analytics and testing tools which are accommodated for a successful launch which minimise the abandonment rate of app.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

No, it doesn’t. We will give you guidance to maintain the application.

Can I Integrate additional functionalities?

Yes, you can. But it has to be discussed with our sales personnel.

What Makes Fluper Different?

Fluper is not Only an Idea, But a Dream to Meet Business Needs

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