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The Best Sleep Tracker Apps To Enhance Your Sleep Time

Are you insomniac? Are you experiencing sleep disorders? Try the best sleeping apps now for the best and peaceful nights!

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak,” beautifully says Buddha. The statement fits aptly, especially in the present scenario, where sleep deprivation is a common issue.

Who knew one-day technology would help us in improving our sleeping habits? It’s nothing less than a miracle. Isn’t it?

Physical inactivity, food consumption rich in fat, and shorter gaps between eating and sleep timings are giving rise to various sleeping disorders. In the present scenario, many added-on issues have crept in, creating a lot of avoidable inconveniences.

Long working hours, desktop jobs, disturbing lifestyle requiring to be awake till late hours and delayed waking-up timings.

People acquire chronic medical ailments due to a sedentary lifestyle, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, or compulsive addition of narcotic substances, alcoholism, smoking, etc.

There are other psychological reasons also that lead to insomnia.

But, here also, the technology has come to the rescue of humankind by making available an array of software that can be installed in handsets to get a good night’s sleep and fresher mornings.

Following are a few of the leading mobile apps that help get rid of restless and sleepless nights and talk a few:

Top 6 Sleep Tracker Apps

1. Sleep Cycle

This is a sleep cycle tracker app that is suitable for Android and iOS platforms and provides a schedule of sleeping patterns of sleep quality and average bed-time. It also records the snoring patterns during sleep hours. This app helps analyze the sleep routine and keep a tap on a sleeping pattern shown in visual formats, such as diagrams and graphs. This app also tracks the phase of light sleep mode and helps wake up with a dozen lulling and soft alarm tones to choose from, ranging from 5 to 90 minutes.

2. Sleep Time

Sleep TimeThis app, similar to Sleep Cycle, is a sleep tracker. It acquires the smartphone accelerometer’s data and illustrations to monitor deep and light sleep patterns and help in sleep cycle analysis. This app works only in an unlocked mode by using an algorithm and rates the sleep with average efficiency percentage. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems in smartphones, free of cost.

Its smart alarm wakes a person up at a perfect moment of lightest sleep phase, as usually, one wakes up during a profound period of sleep, which leaves the body feeling drained and exhausted. The body takes more than an hour to fully awake from a deep sleep. This app also has soothing soundtracks for drifting to sleep and waking up tones.

3. Sleep Genius

Sleep GeniusThis app is the most advanced sleep tracker in the world, as endorsed by NASA scientists. It is one of the few apps that track sleeping patterns and assists in relaxing the brain and getting a sound sleep. Developers developed this app using research that allows the astronauts to fall asleep. One of its salient features includes customizing its various programs as per daily routine and individual preferences, including sleep patterns, power naps, etc.

This app also helps create an ecosystem to attain a good night’s sleep through its various devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

4. Pillow

Pillow AppThis app is specific to iOS systems and comes with the benefit of being synchronized with the apple watch you can wear while sleeping. The app monitors, tracks, and records everything while asleep, including snoring and pulse rate or heartbeats, by registering in audio form. The real data is available in a chart that details the patterns and helps in improving sleep quality. It also helps to understand the sleep patterns with mood management by analyzing the mood while one wakes up from sleep and suggesting the best kind of sleep, as the case may be. The premium version comes with a feature like personalized sleep recommendations, power nap, and detailed sleep history analytics.

5. Sleep Score

This app relies on years of scientific research and technological development by reviewing various sleep patterns to make it efficient for sleep disorders. This app does not require any wearable gadgets to track sleeping patterns. It is so advanced that it can work out the number of persons sleeping on the bed and ensures accurate tracking. This app comes with accessories that can analyze the surroundings of the sleeping area for better sleep analytics. This app gives scientific and structured data for better tracking, monitoring, and achieving better sleep.

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6. Sleep as Android

This mobile app relies on advanced technology, such as sonar and motion sensors, to detect sleeping patterns. It comes with a smart alarm that won’t turn off unless you turn off the screen’s tasks. This app is compatible with Google fit, Fitbit, and Samsung health to achieve physical fitness to improve sleep.


Experts recommend that the above mobile apps help sleep management but not a solution to the problem lying deep within. Experts advise consulting a doctor in cases with chronic and acute sleep disorders because the sleep tracker apps can only provide temporary and limited relief. The bottom line is maintaining a balance in life by adopting a healthy lifestyle and improving eating habits.

In other cases, there is no point in scrolling through the contents in the social media, but better visit the mobile play store and download the most appropriate apps as per device compatibility and personal choice.

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