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EVENTSEEKER Rating app review MobileappdiaryDiscover Events in Your Region and Elsewhere

How often have you missed cool events because you didn’t know they were going on until sometime later? The Eventseeker application is perfect for helping you discover all the different sports, shows, and extraordinary events occurring nearby. This event near me mobile application can be utilized on your iPod, iPad, and iPhone and is your connection to the fun and entertainment. What’s cool about this application is that it is a ” personalized service ” so this means it does all the legwork for you so you don’t have to waste your valuable time in discovering for events.

Be in the Know

• This application is tied in with being up to date so you may attend these events that catch your eye.
• You’ll have the option to set the application up so it furnishes you with individual recommendations that depend on your very own interests.
• The application can send you notifications when artists report an event close to you, and you can attempt a scan of your social communities to customize your events further.
• This is an individualized experience meaning you and your friends can avail information from it.
• Recently, Eventseeker app has been updated with a lot of bug fixes, enhanced loading of content, the capability to pick a language, and a lot more.
• The application currently has 4 out of 5 stars from users.

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How to Use Eventseeker?

• Now, you release the concerts and events application. You’ll have the option to tell this was worked in light of the user.
• You can get your own recommendations, search for events using category or date, get recommended invites from your friends, and invites your friends to events (you can do this by Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email).
• At the point when you discover an event you’re keen on you can even buy the tickets through one of the applications numerous partners.
• You can pick up data pretty much the entirety of your preferred artists and find new ones by perusing profiles, watching videos, and viewing schedules.
• There are additionally real-time updates that you can pursue.

Excellent Features of Eventseeker

• You will get all the information about concerts, sports, theater, festivals, arts & museums, nightlife, family, communication, educational, business, tech, tours, and dance.
• Choosing a category helps you to see a list of upcoming events in a simple to digest format that involves the event’s time, name, and an image representation of the coming event.
• With its user-friendly interface, visually tempting color palette, Eventseeker has brought the users the finest in design and ease for event suggestions.
• With the assistance of the Eventseeker, you don’t have to go out and discover for info on what is happening in your city; the application delivers all the info directly to you.
• At the point when events match your inclinations, the application sends you notifications that direct you to the interface. Also, it’s very simple and easy to read, engaging, and enables users to direct their participation, express their craving to visit, or access tickets effectively.
• Users can likewise flawlessly add events to their own customized Eventseeker schedule; effectively change to their friends’ event schedule and artists’ newsfeeds rapidly with the swift access menu.

How to Get Started with Eventseeker?

Eventseeker Concerts Near Me App

You can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store as per your mobile platform. To know the information about nearby events:
• You can register using your Google or Facebook account or you can also sign up using your email id.
• Once you logged in, you can discover the events in your city.

Pros and Cons of Eventseeker


• Very simple to use
• Finds events, concerts, sports, and a lot more happening nearby
• Skip ahead to any month
• The capability to search by exact date, artist, or location
• Buy tickets through the application
• Share event or concert invites with friends
• Get invites from friends
• Read more information on artists
• View videos from artists


• It’s tough to tell if all concerts or events are represented

Cons of Eventseeker

Mobile applications these days are no longer just services yet a whole system of services.


Well, to give you the best of the event applications, our App Reviews aim at discovering you the best of those applications that are engaging, inventive, intuitive in its UI and most prominently packed with user significance. Eventseeker is undoubtedly one such application that can help you to locate the ongoing events and upcoming events happening near you.

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