Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Facebook, one of the leading social media platforms has been busy in developing its AI capabilities in sectors like NLP (Natural Language Processing), computer vision, and deep learning by acquiring promising AI startups. From this, it is clear that from the last few years, Facebook wants to extend its reach in the AI sector.

From the recent reports, it is seen that the leading social networking giant acquires an AI startup of the UK as well as also hires a Natural language processing startup Bloosbury AI in 2018. Facebook does not stop only with these two; the company also hires many of the AI startups. In the list of its AI startup the recent name that arrives is Scape Technologies, it is a British Company that is using the computer vision to deliver high accuracy in location positioning for AR technology.

But from the latest news, it has seen that Facebook quietly acquires another AI startup of the UK. This shows that Facebook is going to offers something big in the upcoming years and that’s why it starts acquiring the AI startups to delivers something advanced. Last December, the company quietly acquires an AI company Deeptide Ltd. It is one of the big AI companies which work for Atlas ML. The company also offers the freely available open-source for machine learning via papers and code. It is a guardian of Papers with Code.

Facebook Acquired AI Startup
In the recent interview of Deeptide, the company reveals that the social media giant Facebook becomes the majority owner of their company last December. The owner from the company also revealed the date and that was 13th December 2019, it was the same day on which the founder of Atlas ML Robert Stojnic published a post in Medium revealing that Facebook AI acquires the Papers with Code and the most important thing about the post that it was not noticed by any other except the research community of the machine learning.

From the statement of Robert Stojnic, it can clearly understand that Facebook is not revealing any of its acquisition as the company quietly performs everything without even gets noticed. But from the resource, it was found that the latest deal of AI was around $40 million. Atlas ML was founded by Ross Taylor and Robert Stojnic in 2018. The company wants to make it easy to discover deep learning research and also easy to apply it. This company was one of the growing startups along with Scape and Bloomsbury.

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Still, Facebook is not revealing about any of its deal and quietly the company acquiring the AI startups of the UK. But we have to wait till the company itself not discloses this step and possibly they make a statement regarding this as soon as possible.

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