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Top Factors Affecting Cost Of iPhone App Development

From the pool of operating systems, iOS is the one that is in the user’s heart and user’s mind. There are approximately 1.8 Million apps in the Apple App Store. More and more people are using these iPhone apps, which show their demand and also its popularity. The fact that these apps works on all the Apple devices makes it even more popular. The same app supports on iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV, and iPod.

If you are thinking about why the iPhone application development, the answer is straightforward; it has better revenue generation than Android. Of course, there are other factors like uncompromised security, better quality standards, and high scalability. Now, with all these benefits, even if you have decided to develop an iOS app, you need to look for cost before you start looking for an app development company and dive into it.

Here is the simple formula that decides the cost of developing an iPhone app:

  • Time is taken in UI/UX design
  • App development hours for each platform
  • Hours of backend server development
  • Hourly rate of developers

6 Factors Affecting Cost of iPhone App Development


1. Market Analysis and Research

If the concept of the app is new and needs research, the app will need more time for research. This will increase the overall budget of the app. Market analysis and research is an essential part of the development process. Your app will fail of you launch it at the wrong time or choose the wrong platform or wrong target audience; your app will fail. This makes market analysis and research easy. Also, there is a need to check all the apps of the category you are looking to develop an app in.

2. The Complexity of the App

The more complex the app, the highly important and popular it will be. This is the simple logic behind deciding the cost of the iOS app. The complexity of the iOS app is based on the deployment model of architecture, development of admin panel, third-party app integration, the addition of in-app purchases, and the use of the device’s functions.

Here is the chart for the complexity level of the iOS app:

Simple AppsMid-level AppsComplex Apps
Basic featuresIntegration with APIsCustom Animation
Standard UI componentsCustom UIMedia processing
Simple backend, predefined template, and analytic featuresSimple backend and mild complexity appComplex backend and different types of database relationships
Real-time messagingReal-time sync


3. Whom to Hire

A startup iOS app development company looks for more experience and new projects, and hence they have a low cost. On the contrary, if you hire iOS app developers who have a good experience, they are going to charge more for their skills and expertise. So, the cost of development massively depends on who you choose for your project. If you go for a freelance developer, the price will be even less. Freelancers charge even less than a company, so this would cut the cost of development. Also, the price depends on the rate per developer. If you hire a dedicated developer, the rate per hour also affects the cost of development.

4. App Category

The category of the app also determines the budget of mobile app development. If the app category is simple, the cost will below. If the app category is complex like eCommerce or video streaming with more number of features, the development cost would be high. The more the number of features more will be the cost of the development. So, choose your category wisely and then ask for the cost.

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5. App Maintenance

While calculating the cost of the development, it is also essential to consider the cost of maintenance. Of course, an iOS app will need maintenance in the long run. The cost of maintenance is also added to the overall development cost. So, consult with the company you hire whether the cost provided by the company includes maintenance charges or not. If not, ask them about the additional cost and also confirm things included in the maintenance. Bug fixes, checking feedback, and making minor changes according to it are included in the maintenance service.

6. Update

There are several iOS application development companies that include updates in their cost. It is suggested to get develop the app update with the same company with whom you have created the app. They know the app better and hence develop the newer update in a better way. So, if the budget of the app includes the cost of the update, it will be high, and if not, it would below. If the cost of the update is not included, ask them how much they charge for developing the update.


Now, you know the factors affecting the cost of developing an iPhone app. So, consider them wisely and then pick to develop your app.

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