Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Fitbit has allegedly activated the blood oxygen monitoring feature in a number of its wearables products. This feature is something that even Apple users are waiting for a very long time. While till date we have checked a lot of great health features and advancements from the world’s most well-liked smartwatches, but blood oxygen monitoring is something Apple still hasn’t offered to its users to date.

Fitbit has released this feature for its wearables including the Iconic, Fitbit Charge 3, Versa, Versa 2 and Versa Lite something that even an Apple Watch doesn’t allow you to monitor.

According to a TizenHelp report, the Fitbit users in the US started checking their blood oxygen monitoring or SPO2 data. It is estimated that the Fitbit app will note this data as this is still a metric that you can’t check on any other well-liked wearable. Users have can check wide variations in blood oxygen that point to issues with breathing, a sign that you may be suffering from health conditions like sleep apnea.

Fitbit Smartwatch Releases Blood Oxygen Monitoring
This feature offered by the Fitbit had a sensor which could examine blood oxygen levels fitted on the Iconic which was launched back in the year 2017. But at that time the company has not enabled the feature for its users, even as it shipped other wearable products with the same sensor. But now things have changed thanks to the latest software update.

According to the latest reports, it is revealed that the Cupertino, California based company Apple previously has suggested that Apple’s smartwatch will sooner or later add sleep tracking capabilities feature in its wearables including sleep apnea detection. Hopefully, the company is focusing on launching this feature this year. This feature could be a crucial part of this year’s annual watchOS update.

In addition to this, the Withings ScanWatch debuted at CES also has health tracking features and the device is currently waiting for approval and clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The ScanWatch also features a blood oxygen sensor for its users among other latest features. But there’s no date for the launch of the feature in the market for the ScanWatch.

Due to all these speculations, many Apple Watch users and fans are disappointed that this feature isn’t accessible in Cupertino’s California based company health-oriented wearable so far. The company, though, likely has an explanation for this situation.

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According to a previous report from iFixit, the first-gen Apple Watch already has already featured a sensor that is competent in measuring blood oxygen levels and other issues. The reports are speculated that Cupertino’s California based company already had the technology in place, but didn’t turn on the feature yet possible because of FDA regulations.

For now, the Apple Watch users need to wait for some time until the approval of FDA regulations. The users can expect to receive SpO2 monitoring abilities after some time.

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