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Foodiees Call App Review by mobileappdiaryFoodiees call is an android-based app that allows users to deliver food at their doorstep. Install it once and get food delivered at your home. Enjoy the delicacies of your cities from the famous or your favorite restaurants.
You can order food from any nearby restaurants and you don’t need to have every restaurant menu card with you. It is all uploaded to the app. You can also find the chef’s special and what are the best dishes serving tonight at a particular restaurant.
Foodiees call allows you to discover all restaurants in your vicinity. It provides you to check out all the deals and discounts offered by the restaurants from within the app itself.

Pros of Foodiees Call:

• Easy to use
• Good selection of restaurants in cities of coverage
• Is updated regularly

User Interface:

The UI of the app is a very simple; you’ll be provided with a list of the restaurants along with a small description of the restaurant.
Once you select one from the list, you will a broader menu like the main course, bread, vegetarian, deals and more. Select your choice of food and proceed to order. You will be ready with the order and the payment process is the usual step that needs the details of the card. You can save the card details in order to for an easy transaction to occur at the next time when you order.

Foodiees now order food online
Adding or removing stuff from your order is a simple one-click step. We did not face any issues with the app in relation to interface, performance, data consumption and more. The app allows manual entry of a complete address that makes it more in good terms of the user.

Coverage Foodiees Call:

Foodiees call covers only one city and is the best food delivery app in all of Chandrapur, Maharashtra. It is not widespread in terms of cities but are providing the best food delivery services in all of Chandrapur.
The good thing about the developer is the concentration on getting a thick coverage within the city. this makes users or people stick to the app.

Update Frequency:

We have seen great apps diminishing their popularity overtime because of the frequency of updates are not adequate. For instance, deals are old, the menu is not updated.
In foodiees call, developers have integrated the app with the restaurant’s system so that updates in real-time. The deals were regularly updated over the week.


The foodiees call is a great concept and the utility of the app is immense. The developer focuses on the update with regular deals and discounts. Overall, a great app that is simple offers a lot of convenience at no extra cost.

Services of Foodiees Call:

Foodiees call brings you a variety of cuisines like north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, continental and your favourite biryanis at your doorstep.
The app has partnered with various restaurants to offer you a wide range of online food options in Chandrapur.
They guarantee the services of delivery within 45 minutes of placing the order. So, if you crave pizza, burger or a plate of biryani, you can get that in just 45 minutes from the best restaurants that provide you great quality food.

Tech Stack of Foodiees Call:

Tech Stack of Foodiees Call
Why Choose the Foodiees Call?

Fastest delivery service in Chandrapur
You get to order from the best restaurants in the vicinity
They take your hunger as the priority and delivers food from even the restaurants that are far away.
They don’t mind traveling a few extra miles for their customers.
Your food is just 4 taps away from you
Customize your meal and ask if any specific requirements
The rate of the meal is the same as of restaurants added with a minimal delivery fee
Order food while on the move, wherever you are
Great deals, discounts, vouchers, and coupons
Fast and secure online payment methods

Website Link :

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