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Google Chromecast Brings All Your Streaming Apps At One Place

Google Chromecast is a machine and computer that can be used to send stuff from one user to another.

It is simple to figure out, to set up, and to use. You can use it to send a YouTube video to a TV on your phone, or you can send a website to your TV on your computer. And there are only two of those possibilities.

We’ve clarified everything you need to know about the affordable HDMI dongle to help you understand what Google Chromecast is, how it functions, and what you can do with it.

What is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a family of television dongles that connect to the HDMI port of the TV to add smart functions to your TV, such as streaming Netflix, for example. The Chromecast connects to your home network and your mobile can then be used to power it. This will let you open an app for entertainment on your phone and play content on your TV through Chromecast.

Importantly, to get the content on your TV, the Google Cast protocol is used, so there needs to be help from the source you are using. Supporting Google Cast are sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Chrome (the browser), Android, and several more.

Google released the first Chromecast in 2013, revamped it with the Chromecast 2 in 2015, and then again with the third-gen Chromecast in 2018. While all support full HD content, these Chromecast models have become increasingly faster, with stronger Wi-Fi to sustain a link better.

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The Chromecast Ultra, which functions identically with its predecessors but provides the ability to cast 4 K streams, was launched by Google in 2016. To guarantee that you have a decent enough connexion for those more challenging streams, Chromecast Ultra also supports Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi networking. Since it’s the system to get Google Stadia on your TV, Chromecast Ultra is still used.

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The Chromecast audio was also supported by Google. It does not support video, unlike the other three Chromecasts, but Audio allows you to “cast” wirelessly to speakers and connect through a 3.5 mm link, although this version is not commonly available-mainly because audio casting is specifically supported by smart speakers.

How Do Google Chromecast Works?

The key thing about casting to remember is that it’s not about sending the content to the Chromecast dongle from your computer. Everything you are doing in the vast majority of cases is to use your phone to tell the Chromecast system what material to play by pointing it at the source. Chromecast then uses its connexion to bring the stream to the highest possible standard.

That means that, for example, if you connect a Chromecast Ultra to a 4 K TV, 4 K content that you can’t watch on your phone will play.

If you’re mirroring your phone on the TV or watching a page, though, then you’re sending it to the Chromecast directly from your phone or computer, and both need to stay linked. This is the case if you have a screen for your Android computer, a Chrome page, or a desktop for your Chrome book.


What Does The New Google Chromecast Offers?

For years, Google’s Chromecast product line has stood out from streaming hardware because it has never had remote or actual user interfaces, unlike Roku or Apple TV. That’s now shifting.

During its “Launch Night In” event on Wednesday, Google unveiled the 4 K and HDR-compatible Chromecast with Google TV. The latest features would be painfully clear if you’ve ever used a Chromecast before: Google finally included a voice remote allowed by Google Assistant, so you no longer have to monitor your streaming content with a computer. In addition to that, Google created a new UI called Google TV, which is making its debut available today with this new $50 Chromecast.

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Not to minimize the inclusion of a remote, but the biggest new feature here is possibly Google TV. It’s a centralized GUI that uses the technology of Google to research what you’re watching and make suggestions for the tab For You (pictured above).

Based on your viewing preferences, the tab populates with content from various streaming services. You can either go directly from Google TV to a show or movie or upload to an app and search there, as you would on any other computer.

Yeah, and Google Play Movies & TV has now been renamed Google TV on Android phones to reflect these improvements.


Google Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service introduced last year, provides another bit of housekeeping. Stadia mostly operate via the Chromecast Ultra on TVs, but interestingly it is not yet supported by the Chromecast with Google TV. Google says funding for Stadia will arrive in 2021.

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