Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Google Cloud announced the release of a new bare metal service today, dubbed the Bare Metal Solution. We are not talking about bare metal servers presented by Google Cloud, though. But, we’re talking about a service that businesses can utilize to run their dedicated workloads on the certified hardware that is co-situated in the Google Cloud data hub and directly interact them with Google Cloud’s suite of different services. The main workload which makes sense for this setup is Google notes, databases, and purposely Oracle Database.

Bare Metal Solution is a completely incorporated and wholly managed service to set this infrastructure. It includes a fully managed hardware infrastructure, which involves servers and the rest of the data center amenities like cooling and power; support contracts alongside the Google Cloud and billing have been handled via Google’s systems and SLA. The program that’s deployed on those systems is managed by the consumer — not Google.


Google Cloud iReleasing the Bare Metal Service

The whole idea is obviously to make it simpler for businesses with dedicated workloads, which can’t be migrated easily to the cloud in order to still profit from the cloud-based solutions that require access to the data from these machines. Machine learning is a clear example, yet Google also notes that this gives these firms with a connection to gradually modernize their technology infrastructure in general (where “modernize” means “move to the cloud”).
“These specific workloads often need certified hardware as well as complex licensing and help agreements,” Google writes. “This service provides a way to modernize your app infrastructure landscape when maintaining your current architecture and investments. With the help of Bare Metal Service, you can convey your specialized workloads to Google Cloud database. This helps you to access and integrate the GCP services with least latency.”

Because this solution is co-positioned with Google Cloud, there are no split egress and ingress charges for data, which moves between Bare Metal Solution as well as Google Cloud in the same section.

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The servers are certified to run various apps (like Oracle Database) range from dual-socket 16-core machines alongside 384 GB RAM to quad-socket servers along with the 112 cores and 3072 GB RAM. The pricing will be month to month basis, with favored term duration of 36 months.

Clearly, this isn’t the solution, which you self-provision. Well, the only way to start with — and get the pricing details — is to communicate with Google’s sales team. Yet this is obviously the kind of solution we are expecting from Google Cloud that is heavily concentrated on offering as many business-ready solutions as probable.

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