Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Google Maps Comes Up With New Update

Your favorite e-map application, Google Maps has elevated itself in terms of features. Google Maps will now provide real-time information about how crowded a train, bus, or subway line is at present (at the given moment). – This information will be fetched based on crowdsourced movements of users who have signed up for Google’s anonymized Location History sharing.

“On Android and iOS globally, you’ll start seeing how crowded your bus, train, or subway line is right now based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users around the world (wherever data is available),” Google said in a blog.

Google’s new update will aid many people who are daily commuters, as they will be aware of which particular bus or trains is overcrowded heading to their destination. Also, over the next few weeks, Google is expected to roll out new updates to its COVID-19 layer on Android and iOS devices, which will display the number of positive COVID-19 cases in a particular location or a location you choose to go.


Maps also adding a similar feature for food

Apart from the above-mentioned updates, Google is also working towards giving you the exact live updates when you order food via Google Maps. The new update will help you in tracking your order in real-time if you order food through the app on your iOS or Android devices. In the initial stage, this feature is expected to roll-out in countries like Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, the USA, and Australia. Below is the statement regarding food delivery by Google,

“We’re rolling out the ability to see the live status of takeout and delivery orders in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and India when you book or order from Google Maps on Android and iOS.”

The app will show the estimated delivery fees and expected waiting time as well. If this update gets a thumbs-up from the people, in the future, Maps will update you with the status of your restaurant reservations in almost 70 countries, assuming it is safe t head out.


Google also expected to roll out a preview version of the Google Assistant driving mode globally

We all are aware of Google Assistant, but this feature is soon going to roll out in Google Maps as well. The feature will help turn your device into a display that allows you to navigate to your destination, reply to messages, answer calls, and even play songs using your voice command. Currently, this service is available in the US but is expected to roll out soon in other countries as well.

Google Maps has been pervasive and aiding a lot many people ever since its launch in 2005. We are now more than dependent on Google Maps to get to unknown destinations, and even the cab drivers use Google Maps for their benefits. Let us now dive into some of the most prominent and useful features Google Maps has been offering us for the last 14 years.

  • Change the date and time to get the most accurate results
  • Maintain a list of your favorite places where you usually prefer visiting
  • With the ‘Commute’ tab, you can get the information regarding your route in just a few steps
  • Download maps for offline use as well
  • Add a stop to your trip (the way you do in your cab booking app)
  • Can book an Uber or Lyft ride
  • Share your current location with anyone you wish to
  • Drop a pin and show your friends where you are
  • Use AR to point you or locate you in the right direction


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Time to wrap up: 

Tech-giant Google has been working constantly on the updates they wish to bring to light for its users. The COVID-19 alert feature, overcrowded bus, train features are among the 250 features Google has added to the Maps since the pandemic began. All these are to help the users to the fullest and make their daily chores in different aspects hassle-free.

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