Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Millions of people use Google Maps on their iPhone every day rather than the default Apple Maps to calculate their commute, road trip plans or otherwise just bum around town. This week, Google is going to release a new function that can let those users report road accidents, for example, car accidents, obstacles, and speed traps right from your iOS mobile application. Now, Google is going to introduce risk reporting on android earlier this year, yet it is the very first time that iPhone holders may also allow crowdsource traffic slowdown info on the Google Maps.

This feature does not come to the iPhone only; Google is also now adding the capability to report four new kinds of happenings on both android and iPhone: Lane closures, constructions, disables vehicles and object on the road for example fallen branches and furniture that fell of the back of the truck.

Google Maps for IOS Report Speed Traps and Other Traffic Slowdowns
These, alongside speed traps, crashes and slowdown combine to provide Google Maps users seven different options while reporting slowdown of traffic. Google utilizes that info merges d with the speed of traffic and numerous other data to decide where slowdowns are occurring in real-time and to re-route the drivers who may suffer a delay when they experience them.

Here is the information about how you can add your own observations to the Google Maps application so that other drivers can avoid a delay. Either you are navigating your iPhone iPad or Android Smartphone or tablet. Prior to submitting your initial report, but you will need to ensure that you have all the latest updates of Google Maps (versions 5.29 or later on iOS, 10.27.2 or later on Android.)

Steps To Report Road Accidents In Google Maps

Once you have the most recent updates of Google Maps, the rest is a breeze.

1. Open your Google Maps and plan a route.
2. To the upper right, below the microphone sign you will see four another buttons: search (the magnifying glass) mute (the speaker symbol) compass lock (the compass spine) and at last the button to report the traffic accidents (a dropped destination pin alongside a + sign in it). Click on the location pin symbol.
3. On the menu which pops up from the underneath of the screen, click the type of road risk you wish to report.
4. You will have about three seconds to alter your mind, or you may click the Confirm button to stop the timer and submit your report instantly.
5. Now you will see a hazard caution pinned to your destination on the map, alongside a sign that is showing the problem and a number representing how many people have reported it. For instance, if you are the very first human to report a car incident, you will see a sign of a damaged or the broken car next to “1 reported.”

That’s it — now you may go on cruising along your way, pleased in knowing you have probably helped other travelers without a delay.

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Traffic accident reporting is only one of a significant number of the gradual upgrades Google has made to the Google Maps application over the ongoing year. Simply this month, Google has been updated the application with a detailed voice direction to better serve the visually disabled.

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