Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Google will begin rolling its rich communication services to all Android users today in the US. This announcement is actually making RCS chat Android’s main texting platform. This chat option can be used by any Android user in the US who wants to use it, starting today. Rich communication services (RCS) is a messaging standard starting in 2019, but keep in mind that this is a replacement for SMS. So with this rollout, you have to lower your expectations.

This communication service upgrades carrier messaging with functionality like presence information, typing indicators, location sharing, longer messages, group messages, and better media support. Well, the user can expect all these things from any over-the-top instant messaging application in the current era. This service is not end-to-end encrypted, so it is quite easy for Google or your carrier operator to read your messages.

According to the latest reports, RCS also treats your phone number as your main identity, giving the network carriers a needless amount of power over your individuality. To get RCS, you just need is to use Android Messages as your default message texting application on your Android phone. With this rollout, many Android phones do offer RCS services already by default, but Samsung mobile phone users will need to jump to the Google Play Store to download it and then control it as their default.

Google is Finally Taking Charge

Latest Google RCS chat option for all Android users

Well, with this rollout Google is offering a number of new features. Once you are an Android phone user, you will see an option to upgrade to “enable chat features.”This feature is soon going to introduce by Google “in the coming weeks,” and the full rollout will be finished by the end of the year. For now, iPhones do not support RCS, and for this Apple, Company has declined to comment on this matter multiple times.

According to the company speculations, you shouldn’t need to know accurately how RCS works because when carriers commence offering their version of the chat, Android users will flawlessly switch over to their service in no time. When you get started with RCS, what’s really happening is your phone gains the aptitude to tell other mobile phone users that they can send and receive RCS messages from your contact.

Furthermore, Google is allowing Android Messages to use Google’s own servers to facilitate RCS chat as an alternative of waiting for the carriers to light up their services. The end result is that routing Rich communication services messages is more complex than other messaging application solutions, but with this rollout, Google could have made it easier by offering RCS services in a straight line instead of waiting for its carriers.

This year, Google the American multinational company is finally doing what it should have done earlier: offer a straightforward and worldwide way for Android users to have an enhanced chatting experience with each other. Hopefully, this feature will soon at default also offer end-to-end encryption to make the messaging process more secure and confidential. For this company said that the experts are already working on it.

In case you have received a notification that your Android phone now supports RCS, then simply share your experience been so far with us in the comments section below.

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