Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Google, YouTube and Facebook all have sent cease-and-desist orders to contentious facial recognition software Clearview AI in an endeavor to discontinue it taking images to support police investigations.

The tech organization’s app help law enforcement officers to upload a photo of an unidentified person they would like to recognize and observe a list of matches culled from a database of more than three billion images.

The pictures are taken from a wide range of contentious sources, comprising with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Venmo.
Yet some platforms already have tried to block the utilization of any pictures uploaded to their site, releasing a legal notice to Clearview AI.

Google, YouTube and Facebook Send Cease-And-Desist Letters

CEO of the application, Hoan Ton-That, 31, told the community: ‘You have to know that this is only be used for investigations. This is not a 24/7 surveillance scheme.

‘The way we’ve built our program is to only take openly accessible information and file it that way.’
An official for YouTube, which is owned by Google, said: ‘YouTube’s Service terms are clearly forbidden gathering data that can be utilized to recognize an individual. Clearview has freely admitted to doing accurately that, and in reply, we’ve sent them a cease-and-desist notice.’
Twitter has also asked the software to delete the whole data gathered and quitting any potential scraping going forward. Facebook and Venmo haven’t acted despite saying they’re against the strategy.

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Clearview AI’s innovation is being utilized by various US law enforcement firms including the FBI, as per The New York Times.
Police uploaded an image of an individual and the application then shows them numerous public pictures – from its record of three billion – that allegedly match.

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