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The mobile app world is like a professional sport, the teams with the strongest players, best coaches, and accurate training sessions are always be highlighted. But it is very necessary to have an effective game plan and for mobile apps- a growth strategy. We know you have the best resources at hand, but don’t know how to effectively use them. So, for that, you will need to set growth strategies for the mobile application of your organization.
In fact, it is the key to your mobile apps’ success.

What Is Growth Strategy?

A growth strategy is not just an idea to garner a few clicks; it is your plan for the long haul. It is not just a set of guidelines for success, but it is the mindset of your company that will help you grow your business over time. It factors in all facets of the business, from engineering and design to product and marketing and beyond.

Yet, there is no magic formula to achieve overall growth in a short period of time. But having a strong team, valuable product and the passion for moving forward will set your growth strategy.

Growth Strategy vs. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a tool that includes experimentation across your company for finding the most productive routes to business growth. It is more of like throw things at a wall and see what sticks to the wall, i.e. you may end up with a one-time success or a tool for repeatable and sustained growth.

If your growth strategy is the overall plan that can take years to unfold, growth hacking is the initial strategy that can jumpstart business growth. It is not always sustainable. They are considered as one-off-go in nature, and so it doesn’t mean they can’t support the cause.

Tips for growing your mobile applications

Tips for growing your mobile applications
While there is no perfect formula to create a successful app startup growth strategy or for a stable business. Keep these app growth tips in mind as you move forward.
• Never be afraid of growth hacks: Always be curious to try new things. They might end up resulting in boosting your growth and become part of your mobile app growth strategy.
• Focus on simplicity: there are always be apps for games and new technology and whatever which is new-fangled and fun. Try to focus on ease of use, reliability, and on a solid foundation as they are the better tools for a successful growth strategy.
• Listen to the needs: your users will tell you what they want and need from you. Try to develop a more soothing relationship between the user and yourself as it will fuel up your growth and customer loyalty.
• Scalability: keep the purpose of the product and its overall value at the top of mind. A fast-rising trend can be out of business after a few years or more. So check the scalability of the project.
• Exclusiveness is necessary: a little enthusiasm and exclusivity can keep the desire for your app high, which can ultimately translate into growth.
• Be malleable: what worked before may not work in the future, so always be open to change your game plan if it stagnates.

5 Growth Strategies From Real-World Examples

1) WhatsApp: free texts connecting everyone

WhatsApp’s simple innovation provides a cross-platform communications tool as an alternative to basic SMS and MMS. WhatsApp provides options in the world where wireless providers often charge per text or MMS.
Messaging platforms are more than just talking. Many apps promote games, stickers, shopping tools, etc. WhatsApp stands apart as their focus is always on a user-friendly and straightforward model and any expansion has been directly inclined in with these principles.

2) Netflix: why download stuff?

Netflix has methodically expanded with a focus on working with the market and maintaining relationships to facilitate growth. Now Netflix has over 130 million subscribers across 190 countries.
They made it unique and easier to experience Netflix on their mobile devices.
The company partnered with Verizon to preload their app on android phones, which cut out the hassle of downloading.
It is a growth strategy that eliminated a major roadblock which many other apps face and get the
download button clicked by people.

3) UBER: Referrals for growth

Well-executed referral programs are widely known as it comes with great benefits. Uber is the referral program champion because it is tapped into its riders, which is its most valuable resource to fuel growth.
Frequent riders have the opportunity to give new users a free ride in exchange for a free ride themselves.
Uber’s referral program opens doors for new customers while cementing existing customer relationships. It is a growth hack for new users as well as a growth strategy for nurturing user engagement.

4) Spotify: well- crafted exclusivity

Spotify was launched in the year 2008; they have been on top of music streaming game. They owe their growth to methodical expansion, research and development, artists, its user growth and a little bit of exclusivity. An invite-only launch helped them regulate high demand and also keep potential users to desire more.
With 36 offices serving 64 markets worldwide, Spotify has invested in its section to support overall growth. A strong foundation allows Spotify to capitalize on the ever-changing music industry. Rivals like Apple Music and TIDAL are preparing themselves to be on top, but neither of them has taken top spot yet.
Spotify filled the music streaming market gap but made sure to establish root early for adequate growth.
It helps in paving more exclusive ways and innovative tactics.

5) Pinterest- machines take over

It is the go-to content sharing tool for topics ranging from home design to travel or technology. The massive amount of data presents a challenge of how to get users what they want to their screens.
Pinterest improved their search engine to be more precise and smarter, but the most exciting thing is its lens tool that takes mobile app users to the next level. The lens is a visual search tool that enables us to take a picture and find visually similar images.


There are no ways for the perfect growth strategy. It varies from business to business. Keep in mind the market trend, target audience, and product needs. Take a mobile growth quiz to determine how your tactics stack up to the industry’s best practices.
Keep following the above-listed examples and their strategies to know about the innovative features of their apps.

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