Saturday, February 4, 2023
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HaptX Company has finally announced the building of high tech VR gloves with sensors. The company has revealed this news on Thursday after a $12 million fundraising round. HaptX is building a next-generation sensor-packed glove for VR and robotics applications that create haptic and resistance advice for enterprise users.

The company is a leading provider of realistic haptic technology, and for now, the company has raised $12 million which allowing the Seattle startup to develop gloves based on virtual reality technology. To make these VR based gloves the company is partnering with the Advanced Input Systems, an Idaho-based manufacturer. According to the latest reports, HaptX is going to launch these gloves next year.

HaptX’s is going to make these next-generation products via microfluidic and motion-tracking technology to let users go through practical environments and experience virtual objects with their hands using these gloves. HaptX, formerly known as AxonVR, revealed the first version of these high tech gloves in 2017. The gloves are supposed to work with a VR headphone and tracker, connected to a central power box.

The Seattle startup has raised this huge amount of funding from Mason Avenue Investments, Upheaval Investments, Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, Keiretsu Forum, Keiretsu Capital, Votiv Capital, NetEase and Amit Kapur of Dawn Patrol Ventures. Till the date, the company has raised $19 million. The company said that this funding amount will be used toward the company’s next generation of VR glove hardware. Unnecessary to say at this point, the VR industry’s consumer ambitions haven’t moderately panned out as predictable.


Haptx Grabs To Build Next-Generation Glove Packed With Sensors

At present we know that HaptX has not expanded its horizon in Virtual Reality technology like other enterprises. But the company is looking forward to lasting success because still, the enterprise hasn’t extended its services beyond “internal innovation hubs”. There are several people who are eagerly waiting for the gloves offered by HaptX. The company is not promoting its products in the marketplace because it is the only VR company that has expanded its services into robotics, redesigning its product into a solution framed by virtual input to offer real output.

In addition to the funding announcement, HaptX is sharing that it has joined hands with Advanced Input Systems to work together on “product development, manufacturing, and go-to-market.”

Previously, HaptX CEO and co-founder Jake Rubin said the company is at present planning to sell the VR based gloves to consumers. But for now, the company director Andrew Mitrak said the company is paying attention to enterprise and industrial applications.

The 7-year-old company previously had 20 employees. It is one of the Virtual reality startups in the Seattle area that is growing at a fast pace. Other companies include Pluto VR, VRStudios, Pixvana, VREAL, Nullspace VR, Endeavor One, Visual Vocal and Against Gravity.

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