Thursday, June 1, 2023
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There stands a need to shred the light to the current scenario of what the whole world is going through. Yes, COVID 19 has reached every distant corner of the world and is considered as one of the biggest pandemics that the world has ever seen. The deadly coronavirus was found to be the intake of the uncooked bats- that’s what sources said.

The increasing number of deaths all over the world has startled everyone. People are scared to go out as the virus is said to spread with coming in contact of the person. Government of various nations are taking utmost care and have stated the country to be in lockdown and the necessary supplies are going to be delivered at your house.

As the pandemic has hit walls of various countries, businesses all over the world are affected to a greater extent. This has caused the economy of the world to shrink and is likely to move forward to the downfall.

What is the current situation of the businesses?

Many organizations and startups especially mobile app development companies are perceiving an unexpected downfall and aren’t getting expected outcome.

Businesses are pacing up to grasp other methods that can help them and make up to the lost time. so, they are transforming themselves to online business and marketing.

Well, more than 60% of the businesses have turned themselves, and those who haven’t are waiting for the right time to start their online business from scratch.

The situation went worse because of the quarantine lockdown that has been initiated in many countries. A business does not depend only on generating sales, they are lot of factors that are affecting the business growth and have reflected themselves to the ledger such as salaries of the employees, rent payments, dues and more.

Is Ecommerce an alternative?

With the world under lockdown and every supply store is closed, people are moving towards the ecommerce supply chain systems.

The ecommerce has been an industry that has been gaining high traction in last few years.

Not all businesses are facing the negative impact of the virus as few of the industries are benefitting from the coronavirus outbreak. They are majorly online retailing, online gaming industry, and social networking services.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, there is an increasing pressure on the ecommerce apps as the sales from physical stores are declining with shops opened for a shorter period of time or entirely being closed. On the other hand, online delivery services are still active and has increased incredibly. There is a high surge in the demands of the products and manufacturing being slow, the supply is seeing shortage.

The online delivery service is not fully active i.e. it is partially functional. So, now how coronavirus is affecting ecommerce apps for every domain.

Online shopping:

The most effected industry due to the lockdown is online shopping industry. let me tell you why?

A user selects a product, pays for it and the seller sends it to the warehouse, or to the delivery centre. The delivery agents then deliver it to the user. Now, due to the pandemic across the supply from the retailer has been reduced while the inventory in the warehouse depleted in the initial days and then stopped as the delivery agents were and every other employee were under quarantine.

The pending requests done by users have not been processed due to the unavailability of the employees.

Users are not able to get their products delivered and are waiting for a long time and have already prepared their cart. According to the stats, amazon had 80,000 negative reviews worldwide, though it has come up with agenda’s and strategies to maintain streamline flow.


Ecommerce apps that deal in lifestyle section are now active despite of lockdown. As the lifestyle major section depends on the skincare products and more. The ecommerce apps are paying utmost attention and are maintaining social distancing while focusing to streamline the business.

Skincare products, napkins and similar products are being used in the same cart pack of the groceries as the sellers are the same. Few of the sellers who only dealt in lifestyle products are not being chosen for delivery and a halt is put to their services.


With people working from home, there is a surge seen in the electronic industry in last few months. The need for new laptops and other accessories is emerging at a higher pace as it is very normal for such products to wear and tear in the time. But let’s see how much time will it take more to get things right on track.


The ecommerce or the mobile commerce industries that are working in this domain are experiencing high profits.

People are more inclined to order groceries and daily need supplements from the ecommerce android apps.

The owners of such companies are paying utmost attention to maintain a social distance and deliver the things that are needed in daily like fresh veggies, dairy products and more.

The products are packed and are sanitized and delivery agents deliver the packages at the door step and avoid direct contact with the customer.

Food delivery:

Another most affected ecommerce & mcommerce apps are the food delivery apps.

With lockdown under affect, no restaurant and hotels are opened. To contemplate the situation, the Government of India tried to open a few food chains, they did it and the after few days, the cases increased and approximately houses in an area were quarantined.

It made people more realize the gravity of the situation and now are more likely to cook food at home rather than ordering outside.


The ecommerce apps that are affected due to the business and promote their business online and build a trust that you order it now and it will be delivered as soon the quarantine will end up.

Promotional offers will lure the users to come and enjoy the services of the app.

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