Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Covid-19 has become one of those things which we as humans never expected for it to happen in the first place. Corona virus has made us realise how it feels to be caged, and to be honest we are not liking this part at all.

Businesses and brands across the globe are scrambling is they are struggling to to gather of knowledge about what exactly they are facing right now. In fact, they don’t have any idea how to keep going during this global lockdown and economic crisis.

Just like any other business venture that is suffering from this global pandemic, there is one industry that is known to be benefiting from this lockdown. As people are staying at home, they tend to have so much time on their hands, along with time they do have something else on their hands too, and that is their smartphones.

Though, no new apps are being developed, there are still millions of apps available on both Android and IOS platforms. The options available to us are just unacceptable. But if we consider this lock down for a longer term, wheel and up with an economic recession that will eventually decrease the overall consumer spend along with lower user lifetime value.

The point is, no business or industry will enjoy benefits from this global pandemic.

There is no denying of the fact that these are the most changing times that are filled with uncertainty. If you look at some stars for the past 6 weeks, you’d be surprised to know that the app development industry faced 2.5 billion organic installs, 1.4 billion non-organic install, along with 620 billion sessions.

It has been found that two thirds of AP verticals witnessed an increase in revenue worldwide during first week of April amidst the covid-19 lockdown. To look even further, we went on the internet and found out that streaming apps double their revenue who is the last week of February but faced a fall by 35% during the first week of April. Weather of categories like health and fitness phase-ii revenue jump off 35% and shopping apps faced a revamped revenue of 15%. For obvious reasons, food delivery apps received revenue growth of 25%. Gaming apps on the other hand, are facing constant improvement in the revenues.

If we talk about United States, then you will be surprised to know that installed and app usage have been stable. As a matter of fact, the overall revenue is said to be growing 42% since the last week of March. Streaming applications saw an overall 52% left in non-organic install as they were uh focused on user acquisition during the whole month of March. The apps that we mentioned above maintained organic growth of 8% in the middle of March in the start of April, resulting in an increased revenue of 23% during the same time.

When it comes down to organic installs for shopping apps in United States, the revenue grew by 10% by March 31st to April 6th. It is also been reported that the existing users are generating a 28% revenue increase.

The gaming industry has seen a major boon in the revenue as place across the globe are spending more and more money. The midcore games saw 22% increase, casual games witnessed 13% increase, social casino games saw a 12% increase, and lastly the hard core gaming industry saw a 9% increase.

New York, which is said to be the epicentre of covid-19 outburst in in United States, Saudi most significant app install growth between March 10th to 23rd. You will be surprised to know that organic installs jumped from 30 %, while non-organic install is on the other hand jump from 50%. However, in the first week of April the organic installed decrease by 3% and non-organic decrease by 10%.

Since we are talking about applications, we have to bring in the almighty Aarogya Setu application which has been launched by the Indian government earlier this month. Dedicated to the Indian population only, the app was installed by 10 million people in the first week of its launch. The reason being, this aap is probably the best application one can have during this covid-19 lockdown. With the help of Bluetooth and location based technology, this app pin find out if you are affected by the virus or not. Other than that, Aarogya Setu provides all the necessary information which you need just to stay safe.

Since this article is all about mobile applications, we thought it would be right to enlist some of the best apps which you should download in this global lockdown.

1. Netflix: this is a must have application as it contains the most amazing web series and movies of all time.
2. Amazon Prime video: probably the best online video streaming application available which you should give a try.
3. Ludo star: let’s bring back those old memories with Ludo star as the game has the online multiplayer capability.
4. PUBG: if you haven’t downloaded this game, this might be the right time as it is the best online multiplayer shooting game available on both Android and iOS platforms.
5. Skype: those were working from home, should definitely give Skype a try as this app can help you out the best possible way.
6. Arogya Setu: if you want to stay safe from which global pandemic then Arogya Setu might be there for you, at least in India

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